Astro Weather Report 12.24 || restlessness, optimism, surrender

Happy Tuesday!

Today, the moon is in its dark phase in Sagittarius. Whenever the moon is in the sign before it becomes new, it can really exaggerate and highlight the more shadowy qualities of that sign - so in this case, we want to be mindful of toxic positivity, being restless and traveling about as escape. We may wax a little unrealistic over the next two days as well - try not to get caught up in any illusions over this Moon in Sagittarius transit. The moon is squaring Neptune, so over the next six hours or so, we'll be feeling creative & a little unfocused.

The Sun and Jupiter are moving closer and closer together which is going to be amazing when they come together on Friday, especially for those of us that have Capricorn placements. This gives a sense of realistic optimism for what is on the horizon.