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Astro Weather Report 12.20 || big emotions, externalization, galactic center, freedom nature

Good morning everyone!

Today, the moon is still in the sign of Libra, except today it makes some tense aspects to Saturn and Pluto that are creeping closer together with each day that passes. This can create an energy perhaps of feeling pulled a bit outside of ourselves on some level - into other people's wants, wishes, desires and expectations. Stand in the energy of your own truth today for best results!

The Sun is still around the Galactic Center which means that for the next few days there are more energetic potentials available to us at this time - use the last few degrees of Sagittarius season to perfect and exact your vision of the future, with manifestation potential reaching another peak.

Venus moves into freedom-loving, autonomous Aquarius today! Venus has moved through a bit of a pressure cooker in the last few weeks and that has contributed to us feeling perhaps weighed down, misunderstood - lots to transform and communicate. With Venus moving into Aquarius however, this brings a lot of levity to the situation - and some surprises and unexpected things may come up in our romantic/relational life with Venus making a square to Uranus in Taurus. With this square, just remember, you are worth having it all : )

Enjoy your day!

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