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Astro Weather Report 12.18 || expansion, illusion, right action, intensity

Good morning & happy Thursday!

The Sun is in Sagittarius and the moon is in Libra which on the surface presents some joviality and excitement - both are quite fun, extroverted signs so we may feel a bit more outward, but because of the nature of some of the other planets, that may be only a fraction of what it is that we feel. The Sun is right on the galactic center which does offer up the energy of miracles and huge insights so if you're able to key into that and notice that as one instrument in the whole symphony, please do so! The Sun is in a wide conjunction to Jupiter as well which is honestly a beautiful aspect that we're able to enjoy right now - blessings to those who have "earned" it (the Universe isn't a capitalist - when I say those who have "earned it" I just mean those who have been doing the important work and making the important changes during this very pivotal time!)

Mercury's square to Neptune is waxing up to its exact point - generally speaking, this is a great time to do your best to stay present. We're really looking at some harsh realities and navigating some intense energy with Saturn and Pluto drawing closer together, and for those of us who are more escapist in nature, through whatever medium you prefer, it's taking a lot not to just go to that who-knows-where place in our mind and escape what we are being faced with. Do your best to not get swept along with the current of any major illusion and do your best to stay grounded and in your body.

Mars still has ten degrees left in Scorpio! It's a good idea to make that count - we have the opportunity when Mars is in Scorpio to go our own authentic way and to really get spiritual clarity by looking at what isn't comfortable and then doing something about it - this is a placement that packs a lot of power and it's so useful to us right now, especially with the sextiles it's making to Saturn and Pluto drawing closer together in Capricorn (while the impeachment stuff is happening - I'm just saying y'all it's just the beginning!)

The area that Capricorn occupies in our chart is going through a serious death and rebirth process that has been ongoing and will come to a peak of intensity over the eclipse cycle from December 26th until January 10th - and beyond! We're being asked to own our own power and stand in it in a way that all of our ancestors have wanted to do but haven't been free and opened and energetically primed in the way that we have to make that different choice!

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