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Astro Weather Report 12.17 || dissonance, perspective, desire for freedom, grounded vibes

Good mid-morning! Very early this morning, the moon went into Virgo - so the critical, perfectionistic, real-world oriented part of us that needs to have everything done to feel safe is kinda at odds with the very expansive curious and wanderlusting Sagittarius Sun - tomorrow, that feeling will be more pronounced as they form an exact square.

Venus has moved further away from Pluto in Capricorn, quickly dashing towards moving into Aquarius on Friday. We're able to really process during these last four degrees of Capricorn - the lessons, what we need to be more discerning about, perhaps sorting through issues of responsibility, accountability, power and control in our space. With Venus making a wide square to Uranus, we're craving freedom and independence - and also, we're craving community which will be way more available and comfortable for us by Friday.

Jupiter's trine to Uranus can still be felt today as well - bringing inspiration, realizations and rewards to those who have been doing both the deep inner work and those taking steps in the direction of making their outer world reflect a beautiful inner world. The moon is forming a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter as well, which seems to be bringing a good bit of emotional clarity and joviality and HIGH energy - pretty sure I was feeling this last night as well.

The Sun has only a few more days in Sagittarius and then it's Capricorn territory all the way! Soon there will be so many planetary energies in Capricorn, it'll be easy to lose track of all of them! Enjoy these final moments of Sagittarius season and the youthful exuberance and thoughtful curiosity of the future that it brings before we go through the darkest day of the year on the solstice, December 21st and the beginning of Capricorn season.

Also - the gregorian calendar is a piece of fiction in my eyes - it's so weird to have the "new year" fall during a darker season and I feel like it's the reason my new years resolutions rarely stick. Seeds that are planted in the spring grow to make the most abundant harvest, just sayin'.

I'll be at The Bag Lady today from 2:30 until 6:30 - some of that time is booked up, but if you're seeing this and you'd like to come for a session, send me an e-mail at <3

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