Astro Weather Report 12.17 || dissonance, perspective, desire for freedom, grounded vibes

Good mid-morning! Very early this morning, the moon went into Virgo - so the critical, perfectionistic, real-world oriented part of us that needs to have everything done to feel safe is kinda at odds with the very expansive curious and wanderlusting Sagittarius Sun - tomorrow, that feeling will be more pronounced as they form an exact square.

Venus has moved further away from Pluto in Capricorn, quickly dashing towards moving into Aquarius on Friday. We're able to really process during these last four degrees of Capricorn - the lessons, what we need to be more discerning about, perhaps sorting through issues of responsibility, accountability, power and control in our space. With Venus making a wide square to Uranus, we're craving freedom and independence - and also, we're craving community which will be way more available and comfortable for us by Friday.