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Astro Weather Report 12.15 || creativity, freedom, inspiration, ancestry

Good morning! The moon is in Leo today and I certainly feel inspired and very activated this morning as a result of that - today is a great day to spend in flow, in rhythm, creativity or having good times with good people. The moon is temporarily squaring Uranus so if you're waking up feeling a little restless or anxious, you're in good company, and that should move off soon. :) Venus has made some headway away from Saturn and Pluto, and with each degree that passes we get a little bit more comfortable with the way that things have become, where we can go from here and what the future holds.

Part of my motivation in writing this daily blog is to more closely monitor the transits and their affects on my own life and the lives of those around me - and I can say plainly that Venus in between Saturn and Pluto made me quite uncomfortable and I noticed a lot of insecurities and control/power issues coming up for a lot of my friends as well, in different ways. Venus isn't too far from Aquarius - so in the remaining degrees of Venus in Capricorn, it's still important to reflect on discernment and what is really working versus what is really not.

Venus is initiating a wide square to Uranus that when exact on December 22nd, is going to really push us past what is conventional or comfortable for us - into a more expansive freedom-oriented space that may be more authentic for us as far as our relationships are concerned.

Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus are in an exact trine, which is so lovely and has brought a very lively, fun and inspirational energy that is still quite grounded and easily applicable. It also seems like this week has carried with it big realization after big uncovering, with minimal processing time, so hopefully this will both bring more insight and allow us to assimilate some of it.

It's hard to keep these reports to one day without discussing the future or unpacking the past! What I'd most like to begin sprinkling into these daily reports is that we're pretty close to eclipse season now - which begins with a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th and closes with not just a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer, but a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn!

If you choose to scour the astrology blogs on the internet for the information it holds on the great conjunction of 2020, please read with discernment and try not to get into a fear space - it's all good, even when it's not - that's why we do our practices and we take care of and advocate for ourselves. We've been refining and understanding what our coping mechanisms are out of necessity in 2019.

The eclipse season coming up is going to ask that you not prolong the inevitable - for a lot of us, this is where we're really stepping out of the shadow of our families or the situations that we're facing in our lives aren't really specific to us but are more repetitive patterns that our ancestors have faced over and over again in different ways. That's why I've been hammering home the importance of saying yes to what you want to say yes to and really getting to know and understand yourself and become more clear on what is not you - is so that you can act from YOUR truth and not on autopilot - not turning left because your DNA has turned left before.

Our ancestors are counting on us to use the spiritual levity that is available to us at this time, the resources at our disposal and our awareness to put end to major cycles that when we do, heals way more than just us.

Long rant - but I do believe that the eclipses will give us an opportunity to "turn right" - to make a different choice, an empowering choice that perhaps our ancestors born 400-500+ years ago didn't have the luxury to make.

I'll be back with the weekly horoscope later today but I hope that this was helpful for you!

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