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Astro Weather Report 12.13 || emotional check-in, transformation in relationships

Good morning! The moon has officially moved into Cancer which means that the moon is now waning - a settling of the intensity and introducing a waning moon cycle, where we're wrapping things up, we may feel less energized generally - and whenever the moon is in Cancer, which it is currently conjunct the North Node, it is a call towards how we may be feeling - and a call to take care of ourselves and provide ourselves with the comfort and nurturing that we seek. The moon is opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and will be only for a little while longer which generally means that we can wake up this morning feeling both positive and a little pulled apart.

Today, Venus is conjunct Pluto which offers us a final opportunity to transform relationship challenges - there's a lot of judgment day energy - big final decisions to let things go and change once and for all - as well as perhaps those relationships that are really working, some of which came together recently, are being made much closer. We're learning through this aspect as well as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction how to think and act for ourselves, how to rely on our own sense of internal authority - not looking outside of ourselves to ask if the decisions we're making are okay. We feel them.

Jupiter and Chiron are still in their square, still bringing things up to be reviewed and healed. Jupiter will trine Uranus exact later on this weekend which is going to really bring a beneficial feeling, especially if you've been working to dismantle the constructs that Uranus and all of this Capricorn energy for the last few years - there will be a sense of knowing why everything has happened the way that it's happened. There's certainly some phenomena that "sucks" - but there's also a reason why it sucks, there's a reason why this energy is so uncomfortable and it's to propel us forward. We'll understand that in greater magnitude today.

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