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Astro Weather Report 12.10 || thinking, seriousness, healing

Good morning everyone! Today, the moon moves out of the sign of Taurus and into Gemini and prepares to be full - what this is linked to is a very rapid thought reel, perhaps some self-doubt, the polarity within us all being kinda exaggerated - and Sagittarius/Gemini are on the axis of knowledge, the axis of mind. Maybe if there's something new you desire to learn it becomes known to you at this time. The moon is making an opposition to Mercury this morning so we'll be moving rather quickly, with potential to be a little scattered.

Venus and Saturn are connecting on the very same degree, making the relationship situations in our life that are working very obvious and likely also making the relationships that are troubled stand out and I do feel like there will be relationships that are beginning around this time that feel quite safe and secure, but also I feel like there will be relationships ending around this time that don't quite have what it takes to make it through the long haul. Today is a day you'll know.

Jupiter and Chiron are still in their exact square to each other, so like I've said for the last few days, it's a good time to have compassion for yourself and others and know that some of these more painful emotions associated with ways that we may not feel we're good enough or adequate or may not have the agency we desire - are coming up so that we can really look at them and heal them - Jupiter is still a beneficial influence even in Capricorn! : )

There are some gorgeous sextiles from Neptune, Mars and Venus, Saturn and Pluto - so we'll be able to act on what we feel necessary to act on and we'll be able to surrender what we need to surrender. Have a brilliant and beautiful day!

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