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Astro Weather Report 1.5 || worthiness of, supported, overextended, intensity

Good morning everyone! I hope your Sunday is awesome so far.

The moon is in Taurus making trines today to Jupiter, the South Node, Mercury, the Sun, Saturn & Pluto! This means that we're really beginning to see where we are going on some level in 2020 - remember, eclipse season is still in effect and the full moon lunar eclipse is coming up on Friday - so we're building up to a maximum intensity point and today should provide a lot of ease, until we get to the trines to Saturn and Pluto and we start to get a little bit critical with ourselves and perhaps others as well. The tendency to overextend ourselves is present, as well as a little bit of a discrepancy between what we want and need - with Venus in Aquarius squaring the moon in Taurus. It's important to think about worthiness with moon in Taurus and overcoming any impediments to understanding on a deep level what we are worth.

Saturn and Pluto edge closer and closer - so be gentle with yourself as the intensity rages on.

Enjoy your day!

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