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Astro Weather Report 1.30 || overextension, more energy, nebulous relationships

Good morning! I hope you are well-rested and feel good today.

The moon has moved into Aries - where it is currently squaring off against Jupiter in Capricorn. We can really overestimate our energy level here and over-commit ourselves, perhaps wishing tomorrow that we hadn't as the moon faces off against Saturn & Pluto tomorrow, bringing up some deeper issues to the surface. Keep this in mind as you move through your day! Make sure you genuinely see everything you're doing as worthy of your time and your energy. We generally have a bit more energy when the moon comes into Aries - more fire, more drive to do things and actualize - definitely putting this to good use is recommended highly from me.

Venus and Neptune are still closeby - still reaching out towards Mars in Sagittarius with a square. This indicates that there is some uneasiness in our interactions with other people. Grace is really important here- to give yourself grace and other people grace is what will help us move through the rest of this sorta nebulous, argumentative or ill-defined energy, while Venus makes these beautiful sextiles to Saturn and Pluto - edging us towards transforming whatever is coming up in reference to our relationships or friendships - how we want them to be versus how they actually are, etc.

Enjoy your day!!! <3

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