Astro Weather Report 1.3 || feelings of inadequacy, wanderlust, intensity

Good morning! <3 Hope you are all having an excellent morning so far.

The moon continues in Aries and over the course of today will be making some difficult aspects to Saturn and Pluto - which can make us feel insignificant if we let it, or perhaps some difficult emotions rise to the surface to be cleared. This is sorta like a check point before we get to the full moon lunar eclipse on January 10th in Cancer - so use wisely! Check yourself before you wreck yourself - is what you're doing, thinking and feeling in alignment with your highest and best good? Is it authentic to your truth or is it something that someone forced on you? Check yourself for programming especially.

Mars moved into Sagittarius in the middle of the night last night - and when Mars comes into Sagittarius even though it's a fire sign, it doesn't pac