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Astro Weather Report 1.24 || New moon for all signs!!

Hello everyone!

We made it through the dark moon in Capricorn!!! And the moon still has a few more degrees to go before it's officially new. I'm definitely feeling a cleaner energy today as well as a glimpse into what the future holds. It is here we can start to really dream about what that looks like and begin to call some of that energy towards us.

I think that there is some sort of necessity in having some sort of spiritual or faith-based practice - the benefit of that in a time like this, even if meditating on the cosmos or reciting daily affirmations or praying or having some kind of morning sadhana to tether you to both earth and sky... can just be super helpful under this alignment. This is a whole new energy - there are so many big shifts and it's imperative that we all have not just coping mechanisms, but faith for what is being restored and built in our lives.

The last two days, we experienced one of the darkest dark moons we've seen in a while. This brings up the journey that Venus made through Capricorn last year, the recent transit of the Sun and Mercury through Capricorn that met up with first the South Node and Jupiter and then Saturn & Pluto after their conjunction - this was an intense past few days emotionally and likely we've all felt relatively drained. The astrology has been pretty much nonstop since the new moon solar eclipse on December 26th - and a lot of our most foundational understandings are shifting.

This has resulted in a lot of people increasing their "grippiness" or attachment to things beyond their control, perhaps attachment to material constructs or things... perhaps just a lamentation that things aren't where they were headed and now are headed in a new direction. Change can sometimes be challenging to adapt to, especially for people who have a lot of fixed signs in their chart (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

The new moon in Aquarius that is arising today out of that space is super potent - we can see that perhaps there are some uncomfortable choices or changes that need to be made so that we can have a better version of our future, with the combination of the Capricorn and Aquarius energies at play in the sky right now. We know that we aren't islands, so we can't just "go it alone" and today it's really important to consider who really resonates with you - whose beliefs (Mars in Sagittarius) seem to line up really well with your own - who is on your team? Who do you sense has integrity and who do you want to take with you into this new future?

This new moon is making a square to Uranus in Taurus, which has been like a snow-globe, shaking up beliefs around money but also our self-worth on a more personal level... who sees you for that and who is missing it? You shouldn't have to justify your worth to anyone - there are people who really see you and recognize you in your value and in your truth - and there are people who you really have to try for, and those relationships that are super "trying" could lead to a bit of resentment and confrontation, especially if there's too much forcing yourself to fit a mold that doesn't really resonate with your truest, spirit-led self.

I would recommend that you read your rising sign first because it'll likely be the one that resonates most - you're welcome to read your Sun and moon as well.

Aquarius: for you, this new moon is lighting up the house of self - so you're going to experience a real breakthrough in who you are - you're going to see a glimpse of who you're becoming and I think you'll be pleased with what you find. The dark moon that just took place in your 12th house just really went over the dark night of the soul that you're perhaps just beginning to make your way out of. It's always darkest before the dawn, after all - and you're drawing into deeper harmony with your spirit in all of the inner and emotional work that you've been doing on yourself. Uranus in Taurus is in the part of your chart that represents home, family, your emotions - so maybe experiencing an emotional release or finding a new experience of home and comfort within yourself, as Uranus pushes us towards liberation and freedom in whatever house it's in.

Pisces: for you, this new moon is going to have you feeling very intuitive, very aware - perhaps even a little bit sensitive to the subtleties and the frequencies of others. You'll be feeling quite inward, craving solitude and drawing away from the world to disconnect from other energies around you. The reason for this is because you have a really sharp vision into what the future holds - so spending time creating that from a sacred place is a good way to spend this new moon. The dark moon in Capricorn is insinuating that the solution to your problems is not found in your friends, in your community - but the ultimate solution lies within you and your truth. If you've been nursing your wounds in regards to some friendships that didn't pan out the way that you wanted them to, really lean into the solitude. Jupiter will be "taking care" of healing your house of community over the course of this year. Uranus in Taurus is happening in the part of your chart that represents communication - so perhaps there's a lot of mental inspiration for you as well today and you'd benefit from journaling.

Aries: for you, it's especially important to look at your new friends! Some of these people that have come into your life very recently, with the new moon in Aquarius in your house of friendships and community, are going to be some of the most sustainable, life-long friends that you will have. You've been in a little bit of a holding pattern with your career - perhaps you're having to transcend some hardships there or your own childhood wounding is being mirrored back to you through your boss or even through your clients if you work for yourself... and the feeling of safety resides within your friend group at this time. Uranus in Taurus is in the part of your chart that represents your value and your worthiness so if there's anyone that doesn't reinforce that, you know what to do ;)

Taurus: for you, this new moon is lighting up your house of career - perhaps you've overcome a lot of personal disillusionment about the world the last few days - because your "world" or view of the future and yourself in it has crashed pretty hard, but there's a new future ahead of you and it's becoming more interesting and appealing by the moment. With Uranus lighting up your house of self, your body and your experience and your identity and your cells are changing so much with each passing moment - who you have "known yourself to be" is on thin ice for sure - and your career may change over the next few years, and that's okay. You don't have to know right now - all you have to do is hold the vision and the rest will fall into place.

Gemini: for you, this new moon is happening in your house of higher learning, spirituality, travel - so perhaps after this dark moon in your house of death/rebirth, vulnerability and basically darkness, you're ready to look towards a more expansive and empowering future. You've had a long two years of overcoming your personal demons and integrating your shadow - and it's not been easy - but as you look towards the horizon you're able to see why everything had to go down exactly this way. It's a part of your rapid spiritual evolving and unfolding that is happening as a result of Uranus barreling through your house of intuition, dreams, your subconscious mind- total reset. Give yourself some space to leave your house, talk to others and move through today.

Cancer: You guys are kinda doing the opposite of Gemini's on some level - today if you're a Cancer it's in your benefit to be with your shadow, to fall into yourself or into safe intimacy with another. You guys have been going through some of the most gnarly relationship transits - and it seems like you've reached a breakthrough, whatever that means in your own life at this time, and now you're ready to sink your teeth into something more meaningful, whether that means taking your relationship to the next level of intimacy or maybe sinking deeper into your own self-healing process. Uranus in Taurus is in your 11th house, bringing you lots of new friendships and acquaintances - your circle is rapidly changing and evolving and you'll find that different people are able to offer support in different ways and that's okay.

Leo: Under this new moon, perhaps you're being encouraged to run towards other people, whether romantic or platonic, rather than just assuming that you're too busy to do anything, while this new moon comes into your house of partnership after moving through the incredibly busy sixth house of daily work life where you feel like you have too many moving pieces and parts to do anything in your life. See if you can shut out the noise and spend time with those that lift you up today - Uranus in Taurus is blazing through your house of career and squaring this new moon, so perhaps one of the connections you make or advance today can have unexpected opportunities for you in the workplace.

Virgo: this new moon for you is lighting up the house of daily life, healthy habits and the smaller projects in life - life's homework, we can say - perhaps you feel called to make very practical and tangible changes to your lifestyle that can support the creative outpouring you're being encouraged to participate in in a way that's likely evoking some discomfort. The last few years have been really encouraging you to open up, to find whatever joy is for you, which for Virgo risings that had to grow up really early, it can be hard to access. Uranus in Taurus is squaring this moon from your house of beliefs, philosophy, higher learning and spirituality - your beliefs that you have held for so long are quickly evolving and shifting and changing faster than you likely even thought possible - so all you can see ahead of you is the small steps that need to be taken - don't wait!

Libra: this new moon for you is lighting up your house of fun, creativity, romance, children and your inner child, expression - this is all about you seeing what is being brought to the surface - what is happening in the land of fun and joy - after being held in a position of greater obligation in your family or perhaps just really digging deep into your own emotional work. The dark moon the last few days passed through this deep, inner space - and likely had you emotionally releasing and just really feeling the changes you've been pushed and prodded towards making and so this new energy is showing you how you can create from where you are now, which is emotionally very different than two years ago. You've come a long way! Celebrate that by doing what makes you feel good today.

Scorpio: this new moon is happening for you in your house of home - perhaps your environment, communication and community are all changing and you're really having a hard time keeping your thoughts straight the last few years - perhaps you've been feeling like your expression has been stifled by the monotony of life- whatever it is, you're encouraged to peer into a future vision of what your home life could be like - with chosen friends as family and inviting new community and people into your heart and home. Sometimes some changes have to be made that can temporarily destabilize you so that you eventually wind up in a place that is more settled and more secure than ever - with Uranus in Taurus in your partnership house, your relationships are being taken for a bit of a ride these days - and the lesson on the table is internal security - there for the taking if you have the courage to reach inside.

Sagittarius: this new moon for you is happening in your third house of community and communication - so you're likely needing to get out of your checkbook, get out of your finances - and go talk to people. The last few years you've had to do some major restructuring as far as how you relate to money - perhaps you've had to downsize or there has been some instability in your money and self-worth situation - the answer is found in information - in learning, in communing with others and learning about their perspective, in researching your into finding something that can generate some extra cash - you're in the mode of "paying attention" with this moon transit through Aquarius - for opportunity, for messages through people - and Uranus in Taurus is really having you switch up what you're doing on a daily basis and I know it can feel like you're on a little bit of a roller coaster - find the ground that exists within the humble, teachable mind.

Capricorn: this new moon for you is happening in your house of self-worth, finances and abundance. It's clear that you've spent the last two years transforming and changing and building upon who you are - the last two years in your life are key to the next 28 years personally and professionally - you have set and are continuing to set some really important precedents for your future. Now, it's time for you to recognize all that you are worth - have that understanding really cement itself - because with Uranus in your house of creativity, inspiration is flowing through you like lava - you can use that to generate a lot of money right now. <3

Thanks so much with your patience with me and enjoy this new moon!!!! <3

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