Astro Weather Report 1.24 || New moon for all signs!!

Hello everyone!

We made it through the dark moon in Capricorn!!! And the moon still has a few more degrees to go before it's officially new. I'm definitely feeling a cleaner energy today as well as a glimpse into what the future holds. It is here we can start to really dream about what that looks like and begin to call some of that energy towards us.

I think that there is some sort of necessity in having some sort of spiritual or faith-based practice - the benefit of that in a time like this, even if meditating on the cosmos or reciting daily affirmations or praying or having some kind of morning sadhana to tether you to both earth and sky... can just be super helpful under this alignment. This is a whole new energy - there are so many big shifts and it's imperative that we all have not just coping mechanisms, but faith for what is being restored and built in our lives.

The last two days, we experienced one of the darkest dark moons we've seen in a while. This brings up the journey that Venus made through Capricorn last year, the recent transit of the Sun and Mercury through Capricorn that met up with first the South Node and Jupiter and then Saturn & Pluto after their conjunction - this was an intense past few days emotionally and likely we've all felt relatively drained. The astrology has been pretty much nonstop since the new moon solar eclipse on December 26th - and a lot of our most foundational understandings are shifting.