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Astro Weather Report 1.2 || reality check, self-criticism, goal setting

Grand rising! I hope you are all having a great morning so far. The moon moves into Aries for the first quarter square - a mid-way point in eclipse season where we may feel a little hard on ourselves or we may have even a little reality check today - the start of 2020 has been really vibe-y with the moon in Pisces on Neptune and we can begin to really feel the impressions of what this year is going to be like on some level - with the big reality check coming mid-January. This is a good day to take stock and pause, looking at our goals and drams and how to make them a reality, always a good thing to do during Capricorn season. Today the moon is squaring Mercury and Jupiter so we can have a hard time staying planted - perhaps we feel a lil scattered or mentally busy.

We have a very active Capricorn stellium with Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, the South Node, Saturn and Pluto - with Mercury and Jupiter creating really positive communication and understanding - making us look toward this big, broad and unknown future - and it's becoming incredibly evident what is still to be left in 2019 with Mercury and Jupiter being in a conjunction with the South Node. Saturn & Pluto are only one degree away - these are fully new astrological times - very intense. Make sure that you make a list of some of your coping skills today in addition to your resolutions if you're making them because it's important to be able to shift your perception and your emotions quickly during this month - we're going to be pushed towards adaptability.

Mars is at the last degree of Scorpio and transitions into Sagittarius tomorrow - so use this energy! Sometimes we can feel a little overly intense or impatient during Mars' last degree in Scorpio - but this day packs a powerful punch if we allow it to.

Enjoy your day!

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