Astro Weather Report 1.15 || productivity, other people, awkward growth, freedom, connection

Good morning everyone! Hope your day is going smooth so far - the moon is making its way through the last of Virgo now to move into Libra in a few hours. During the last little bit of this Virgo moon, we'll be feeling kinda in a race to get some stuff done, waking up feeling super productive and efficient. When the moon shifts into Libra, we'll be seeking emotional balance and harmony, which is an inside job though it can be easy to assign our inner happiness to others both with the natal moon in Libra and the orbiting moon in Libra.

Keep in mind that we just put an end to an old cycle with Saturn-Pluto conjoining and we initiated a new one - I've found myself feeling a little bit awkward through this growth period and if you're feeling the same way the last few days, you're not alone!