Astro Weather Report 1.14 || productivity, awareness, sleepiness,

Good mid morning! Hope you are all having a good day so far.

The moon is now in Virgo where it will be for the rest of the day - in supportive trines to Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury towards the end of today. We'll be exacting in our efforts, productive, it'll be easier and clearer to recognize the old constructs, habits, patterns, ways of thinking as they arise - there'll be a certain level of inner and outer congruence which is awesome! Great day to focus on work as these energies really lend themselves well to working in the physical.

Venus is in Pisces now, feeling super romantic and inspired - adding some lovely sweetness and compassion to the quite realistic Capricorn sky. The moon is exactly opposing Neptune right now, so be mindful not to get swept up in an afternoon of illusion and escape. Take a nap if you need to.