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Astro Weather for 3.11 - 3.16 || choices to grab the right opportunities, licking our wounds

Good morning loved ones! In case you missed it, the blog before this one is one where I touched on the full moon in Virgo of Monday and Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. I was very much in experience of that full moon and Mercury station, but last night and this morning I felt very inspired after the class I took and some of the meditations I did to write about the rest of the week, beginning with Wednesday (today).

Today starts off as the Sun in Pisces makes a lovely sextile aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn which serves as a lucky potential that we can reach out and grab if we choose to. Within every sextile aspect there lies a choice point, a blessing that is there if we decide to take the action that it takes. There may be an opportunity that is available to you - look to the part of your chart where Capricorn is likely for more information, brought to you through the visibility of the Sun, that requires you to reach out in front of you and grab it.

Thursday, the moon shifts from feel-good Libra and moves into the transformational and deep sign of Scorpio which means that we'll have really solid access to our shadow selves for a solid 2.5 days - a transient feeling but it's one that allows us the ability to get in there and see what's going on at our baseline emotional level - offers potential for so much healing whenever the moon is in this sign. Relationships and intimacy become much more authentic and things rise to the surface as they need to.

On Friday, the 13th, the most feared day in all of the land - there's a lot of conspiracy about why that is that's just a google search away and has a lot to do with divine feminine empowerment (ha!) the North Node in Cancer will make a square to Chiron in Aries. The North Node in Cancer has been asking us to find safety, security, listen to our inner wisdom, stay relatively comfortable (or at least just notice and respond when you're super uncomfortable) - this North Node placement has a good bit to do with the Divine Feminine. Chiron in Aries is where we've been made to feel less than for just being who we are, which is what we're all kinda working on healing right now. This kind of square does put us sometimes in emotional discomfort - but I think sometimes that's necessary to eventually become more comfortable and confident with who we are - the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird.

Saturday, the 14th, Mars in Capricorn will make a sextile, or choice point, aspect to Neptune in Pisces which in my opinion is beautiful - each action can be taken in such compassion under an alignment like this. Mars in Capricorn can be incredibly productive, quick and can do and see a lot - and this worldly, material energy gets a boost from Neptune, giving us plenty of spiritual energy.

The Sun in Pisces also makes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, giving us tons of bandwidth to heal and transform things that may need a good bit of work. Really, the areas in our charts and in our lives that are Pisces and Capricorn ruled are a bit of a mess right now - both undergoing their own transformation in different ways - and so for these two signs to meet in any way is helpful for us and gives us a choice to see more deeply the quest we're on and how to stay on path or circumnavigate.

The moon moves into Sagittarius on Saturday which brings in levity, humor and can make it increasingly hard to sit still. Our internal spiritual seeker is usually turned on if that exists within us when the moon is in Sagittarius - the search for emotional truth and meaning is dialed up.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week!

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