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Aries full moon October 13th || Interpreted for each sign -

Greetings loved ones! I hope you are well <3

This full moon is going to be quite intense this week, so I hope this horoscope helps guide you to the next right action under this alignment! The full moon is a time of heightened energy and manifestation - this is a great time for a gratitude practice or to notice the effects of the seeds you planted on the new moon.

The sign of Aries is about action, initiation and the self - it's the part of us that is unimpeded upon by the outside world. It's a cardinal fire sign, so it's quick to anger, quick to action and quick to move on. Whenever there's a full moon, the moon is opposing the Sun in the sky - so we're working in opposites and polarities. Libra energy is very leisurely, other-oriented and slow to action - wants to achieve balance, beauty and harmony and loathes conflict or anger expressions.

With opposites, we can either approach it with balance or integration - and I'm a big fan of becoming as integrated as possible in our human life. It's healthy to express anger when we're feeling it - it prevents us from holding onto resentment and gives us the fire and discipline we need to let go of that which isn't serving us! Anger is not a bad thing or a negative emotion - it can be incredibly useful.

This is the part of us that stands up for ourselves when we're facing a personal injustice - the part of us that wants to advocate for ourselves. This is an incredibly important part of us to flex, especially if we've been conditioned to suppress our own feelings for interpersonal and collective harmony.

Here's how this will affect each of you guys - I really prefer to look at the horoscope that lines up with my rising sign. The rising sign starts off the house system which is what astrologers use to cast horoscopes!

Libra: for you, this full moon is all about your relationships with others - the sky reading that you could advocate for yourself a little more today - it'll set a really healthy precedent for you over the next six months. You'll notice that when you reclaim a relationship with yourself, allowing nothing to get in the way of the relationship between you and you, reclaiming selfishness, you'll have more balance in your relationships with others.

Scorpio: for you, this full moon is all about your physical body and taking care of that as an act of self-care. Ensuring that you're getting enough physical movement and eating the right foods for you, understanding when to slow down and when to pick up your speed. This is also a time to consider structuring your daily life slightly differently - see if you can shift things around so you can factor in a weekly running group or yoga class. You may have been feeling sleepy the last few weeks and there's nothing like movement to combat low energy.

Sagittarius: for you, this full moon is all about letting some of your pent-up creative energy out, and feeling into the fullest extent of your own joy. If you have kids, this is a great time to spend with them, or to spend time connecting into your inner child - or both! If you have someone that you've been meaning to ask out on a date, this full moon would be an awesome opportunity to connect with someone new. You may have been really extending yourself to those in your social circle and that's great and all - but this full moon is really about you.

Capricorn: for you, this full moon may cause you to feel a little bit inward - an opportunity to connect with yourself especially emotionally. This is a good day to spend also deep cleaning the house, getting your stuff together so that you can have a really stable and supportive sanctuary to support the big moves happening in your career at this time.

Aquarius: for you, full moon will really cause you to examine your instinctual thoughts, the ones that go just beneath the surface - the ones that precipitate immediate action. This is a good time to look at the way that your anger can come out of the back door in communication without you realizing it - or the way that you could potentially be impatient with others. Aligning your communication and thoughts with your beliefs will help you to be really clear on what the next right thought, word and action are for you.

Pisces: for you, this full moon is really highlighting the intersection of money and self-worth and your ability to demand reciprocal value for what you create for yourself. Make your money wishes, intentions and be sure to be grateful as your feelings will resound into next year! You've been plunging the depths, working through some darkness, trying to integrate it and learn from it - and I recognize you for that. Take that work that you've done on yourself and channel it into your life in a practical way - a powerful practice.

Aries: for you, this full moon is highlighting the importance of being fully embodied. When we're not fully grounded in our bodies, it can be hard to understand what our body is telling us and what it needs from us, which leaves us susceptible to physical and energetic ailments - when we're not able to slow down fully, it affects our ability to do life. So pay attention to the needs of your body - and try not to get sucked out of that experience and into others.

Taurus: for you, this full moon is highlighting your deep subconscious and unconscious mind and is illuminating a part of you that you rarely see - on this one full moon a year, you have an opportunity to really glimpse yourself in a new way - to see possible ways that you're showing up in the world that aren't serving you anymore that you perhaps aren't aware of. This full moon will certainly make you feel a little sleepier and withdrawn than usual, which is fine because you've been really tasking out for a few weeks - give it a rest.

Gemini: for you, this full moon is allowing you to give back to the community that supports and upholds you - and if you don't have a certain sense of tribe, today is time to perhaps beg the question of why? It's so easy to be isolated in our own experience in this society - with people in such a state of separation - from ourselves, from others, from God/Source... this is an opportunity to attempt to find that togetherness, rather than zooming in on yourself and your own experience - include others!

Cancer: this full moon for you highlights your ambitions, the dreams of the career in your future - this is definitely a good time to orient yourself towards goals and visions for your most optimal future and what the future of your "work" looks like. Each person has a "works" in them - something that they with their own series of experiences, talents and abilities can bring to this planet - something this planet needs. You've been feeling a little bit inward lately and so to make a vision board or write it all down and then get to work will feel really purposeful and exciting.

Leo: this full moon for you gives you a heightened amount of perspective and is a great day to gather more than a days worth of inspiration, whether in art or writing, reading and seeking, allowing yourself to be led and guided wherever you need to go, trusting the grand design behind it all. This is a good day for those Leo risings who are in school - and those who intend to travel or are trying to save for a trip. You may have been feeling very busy - socially and in communication - and today is definitely a day to tune out all the noise so that you can go as inward as possible.

Virgo: this full moon for you allows you to really dive deeply beneath your surface - perhaps even as deep as you can go - so that you can have a better understanding of yourself and the parts of you that perhaps sabotage or take away from your path. Perhaps you have some anger to process, or some parts of yourself to face that has been through something - we all have. Spending time in this way on the full moon, with supervision if necessary as it's important to move through that depth safely, will help you show up in the world in a more authentic way.

Enjoy your full moon loves!!! <3


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You are dead on as far as this Pisces Rising is concerned.

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