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Horoscope for the week of 9.16 - 9.22 || realize the truth in all situations

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having a good day so far - we're experiencing the hangover right now (Sunday afternoon) for the full moon in Pisces that took place on Friday (the 13th) which served for me as a powerful emotional release, as my moon sign is Pisces and the full moon occurred really closeby! This served as a nice break and escape from the task orientation of Virgo season, though I did notice a few people attempting to swim upstream and still get things done despite the need to draw away from it all for a while.

On Saturday, 9.14, Mercury and Venus traveled together from Virgo into the sign of Libra. Mercury loves to be in Virgo because it feels that it can analyze and refine its process and be exacting in its effort while Venus in Libra takes the lead in this pairing - Venus loves to be in the sign of Libra because she feels as though she can luxuriate and take up space. This way we can bring the stuff that was stirred up when Mercury and Venus were in Virgo - some of the criticisms and things to improve will be a little bit more effortless, easy and natural to smooth over.

Monday, Mercury in Libra makes an opposition to Chiron in Aries. This is definitely a tricky aspect because Mercury in Libra wants to find the balance and the harmony and make sure that everyone's voice gets heard in a way that doesn't ruffle too many feathers - the wounded healer in Aries is bringing up certain inconvenient or harsh truths about ourselves and the way that we've been showing up in the world that may not be beneficial for us or those around us. This can bring out some conflicts in communications, especially when we're going against ourselves or putting ourselves down - perhaps going along with things that we don't desire to do. It's important that we focus on the balance between honoring ourselves and honoring others, with a little bit more emphasis on honoring ourselves.

Tuesday, Venus in Libra moves into this same opposition with Chiron in Aries. Venus, again, loves to be in the sign of Libra. Chiron shows up to remind us where we're still at an imbalance in the dynamics between ourselves and others. If we tend to shut others out of our world, we will be encouraged to keep reaching out to others or others will be put in our own orbit. If we're the type that denies self, we will be asked to rely on that a little bit more. Also on Tuesday, the moon moves into Taurus which brings in a nice grounding, emotionally stabilizing element for us to rest into. This energy can actually facilitate integration after this full moon we've experienced this weekend.

On Wednesday, Saturn stations direct! This is going to be awesome. There is already so much momentum behind us for the rest of the year, and Saturn just comes to join this momentum in Capricorn - our work situation - what we're working for - becomes more clear and easier to access and any red tape will clear right up after Saturn leaves its shadow phase in October.

On Thursday, Mars in Virgo will be making a positive trine aspect to Pluto which can cause us to have a need to act deep from within on something in our lives - something we know we have to do and we can't wait anymore. This can cause a certain sense of urgency and can also cause us to get caught up in control issues because we can really be attached to whatever the outcome is under a sky like this. This gives us the ability to stay grounded as well as we dive deeply beneath the surface.

On Friday, the moon moves into Gemini for the last quarter square of the moon during Virgo season - Virgo and Gemini energy together is incredibly intellectually and physically busy and we can get really lost in our minds, so my recommendation if you're a person who leans in that direction already is to move out of the mind and into your body over the weekend - do the best you can.

Saturday brings in the final exact square of Jupiter in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces of this year! There have been two other occurrences and this is one of the biggest influences we have faced this year astrologically. It's interesting because in Virgo season, this energy is causing us to really come face to face with anywhere we've been lying to ourselves or others. Illusions won't really hold up under this kind of sky- though it can be easy for our imagination to get away from ourselves. This energy is super potent for creation, meditation, going within and wandering both with no expectation. Try not to take things too seriously this weekend with this mutable grand cross - sometimes mutable grand crosses can bring some outlandish or ridiculous changes and as soon as the moon moves into Cancer on Sunday that should move off slightly.

On Sunday, Mercury in Libra makes a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn which is really introducing ourselves to some of the harsher truths we've been avoiding, which seems like the theme of the weekend. Sometimes Mercury-Saturn squares can make expression a little bit more challenging - and Saturn and the South Node, which indicates a release of karma on a collective and personal level. Anywhere we're giving our power away, anywhere we are gripping control, that's what is being worked out this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the week ahead! Take care <3 M

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