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Horoscope for the week of 9.9 - 9.15 || Full moon in Pisces and much more <3

Grand rising! I hope that you beautiful beings are having a great day whenever you're reading this. Last week, it was nuts! There was a lot of aspects from this tight Virgo stellium comprising of Mercury, the Sun, Venus & Mars (our communication, our ego, our relationship and receiving style and our masculine, aggressive side) all making this wide array of aspects - making positive aspects to Uranus, giving us extra bursts of motivation and energy to create new across all areas of life, making positive aspects to Saturn, Pluto & the South Node, stirring up old karma and control issues but also making very evident what is real in our lives, positive aspects to the North Node in Cancer, allowing us to nurture ourselves on a bodily level. Then there's that Jupiter and Neptune are squaring again for the third time, causing us to understand where our illusions lie and what we can do differently to feel more grounded and more stable. Our Virgo planets are opposing Neptune and in a square to Jupiter - so there's this big pull towards what is practical and grounded but also this awareness that there is more out there and that we can trick ourselves in the confines of our minds. Last week was quite existential as well!

Today, Monday (9.9 - or the end of a cycle in numerology) has a really nice trine from Mars in Virgo to Saturn in Capricorn. This trine brings in a stabilizing affect in our lives and will be felt until at least Wednesday or Thursday. This is ease and flow at work and also a need to be mindful of our judgments and criticisms and really high expectations of yourself and others.

On Tuesday, the Sun in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces which does cloud our self-perception quite a bit. This introduces a noticeable fog over what is "real" for a few days this week - it can be hard to arrive at some absolute truth about a particular issue. I think that with the moon in Aquarius, that can help us lighten up and attain some mental space away from whatever is sort of nebulous or unclear for us.

On Wednesday, we can take action to soften and open with Mars in Virgo making a sextile towards the North Node in Cancer. Sextile aspects have to be activated and on Wednesday, this is a loving supportive energy we can choose to try on.

On Thursday, critical Mars in Virgo makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, while the moon moves into Pisces and gears up to be full, right on top of Neptune. With the Sun and Mars not super far apart, this creates a very activating T-square. Jupiter in Sagittarius is only lasting until the end of this year, so it's helpful to remember while the luck, optimism and abundance is still available for us until Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December - after that, it's about putting our money where our mouth is and getting to work on all of the opportunities we created during the last year. Mars in Virgo wants to already get to work and self-deprecate- Virgo tends to shrink while Sagittarius expands. The moon in Pisces on top of Neptune under this full moon can bring us in a direction where we want to escape and under this full moon, we can be healed if we use it correctly, or we can choose to not see things accurately and escape reality.

Friday is a great day for communication because we have Mercury in Virgo conjunct Venus in Virgo - the martyr in that combination is Venus because Mercury carries the strength of that conjunction, so on Friday, we can have the challenging conversations because the Mercury-Venus conjunction is happening so far from Neptune at this point and will move into Libra, which will put the strength in Venus' hands an our relationships will begin to thrive and not be so critical perhaps.

Also on Friday, the Sun in Virgo moves into a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, so at this point the Sun will have enough distance away from Neptune and so we can really dive deep and perceive the truth in the situation, whatever it is. This is an aspect that can exacerbate control issues - so if that is a tendency you have be aware of that!

Saturday is the full moon in Pisces and it's an interesting day because Mercury and Venus move out of the last degree of Virgo and into the first few degrees of Libra! That is a really lovely transition - Mercury loves to be in Libra and this is where Venus really thrives - so communication changes in the sense that in Virgo it's very exacting and in Libra it's a little bit more laid back - and we can find our balance in whatever way we need to.

The full moon in Pisces is a break from the regularly scheduled Virgo season programming of bending yourself out of shape to get everything done and noticing all of the things that we still have yet to do - it brings a heavy spiritual and creative emphasis that is super potent for manifesting and visualizing - for really asking yourself what you see for yourself six months from now. What is working on a practical level in your life AND what is making your heart beat faster and bringing you joy? We can't have one without the other - Pisces without Virgo is not grounded in reality but a Virgo without Pisces is having 0 fun whatsoever and feels disconnected and trapped by the obligations of this plane.

This full moon will be conjunct Neptune - making it easy to get carried away with our illusions and draw into our escapism especially under the harsh influence of Mars in Virgo opposing the Pisces full moon - maybe a good way to work this out is physically - making sure you give yourself time on Saturday to run around and get all of your anxiety out on a physical level so that you can actually enjoy the magical fruits that this full moon has to offer.

Sunday, the energy of the full moon moves off and the moon comes into Aries which usually does bring a nice positive burst of inspiration but it's waning on Sunday - waning moons are a call to slow our roll and to evaluate and to gradually slow until we "stop" on the new moon to rest. It's a good idea if we can to use this moon in Aries and the fire-y burst of inspiration that usually comes about as a result of this moon, to complete projects we already have in the air.

Enjoy your week lovelies!!! <3


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