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Horoscope for the week of 9.2 - 9.8 || an opportunity to correct our course

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I hope that you are having an awesome day so far. This week we witnessed several really positive aspects from Venus, Mars, the Sun, the new moon and most recently, Mercury to Uranus in Taurus, causing a lot of change and electrifying situations to come about. With all of these Virgo placements, we're all seeing pretty clearly what isn't working, what needs to be refined, what needs to be organized... I know my house hasn't looked this good in a long time for sure. The Virgo new moon showed us where to clean house, what we haven't digested- which seeds to continue to nurture and pour into and which to discontinue. We may be seeing or have seen lifestyle changes that need to be made so that we can continue to live our highest and best. This past week has certainly been full of levels of clarity. 

On Monday, the Sun in Virgo comes right on top of Mars in Virgo for a highly activated, very busy day - the Sun & Mars can cause temper flare-ups and this could activate the more critical or perfectionistic aspects of Virgo, so if you find yourself burning up or so stressed that your stomach hurts, the work will still be there and it's imperative to take a brief break if we can in our day. 

Also on Monday, speaking of busy & scattered, Venus in Virgo will be making a square aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is where we can tend to overextend ourselves to the max - Venus in Virgo can sometimes be quite self-sacrificing and can easily go against itself because of that- Jupiter in Sagittarius really wants to do all of the things and take care of everything - so really, on Monday, there is a very huge need to center yourself first before you burn out trying to please others - to start out really slowing down and maybe even journaling or making a list of declarations for the day. 

Mercury joins in on the Sun-Mars conjunction on Tuesday which makes us extremely mentally busy and very active. The way I see the astrological energy of Monday and Tuesday equally is like the sun is really lighting up all of the dust particles in the room that we're in and all of those dust particles are so visible - the kind of discomfort and need to get rid of all of the dust particles is kind of what I'm getting for Tuesday especially - so there is a need to understand and acknowledge our limits on some level - to get as much as we can done but not to beat up on ourselves when we don't get to each and everything on the list perfectly. 

Sometimes, under a conjunction of this kind, our mouths can move faster than our minds - be mindful of what you say. A lot of times when we're in a space of criticism or judgment, there's some kind of fear or self-judgment underneath that - if we're playing the energy right on Tuesday, we'll use this as an opportunity to observe who we're judging and what we're in judgment or criticism of - and we'll be able to see the fear around that and heal that rather than feeling the need to impose your personal view of what is correct. 

The moon moves into Scorpio - into our shadows and our deeper, underlying emotions. This is the main reason why it's important to go into reflection right away on Tuesday - because our emotions are very deep, usually we're sorting through really big issues in our life when the moon comes into Scorpio - it's just really not a good time to project that all onto the outside world.

What is lovely is that the North Node in Cancer is going to be reaching out to Venus in Virgo which is beautiful - it shows us how to take care of ourselves during this kinda chaotic energy - it adds some feminine softness to the mix. This introduces the energy of receiving to Venus in Virgo - very well needed. 

On Wednesday, Venus in Virgo gets an imagination superboost with Neptune in Pisces opposite the sky. This is amazing for creativity, spirituality and a beautiful counter to the incredibly masculine energy we begin the week with. The shadow side of this aspect is projection and expectations that aren't communicated not being fulfilled. It can be hard with this aspect to stay grounded in our relationships, but with concerted effort it is possible. Stay in our lane, take responsibility for what we're bringing to the space and don't be upset when expectations that weren't communicated aren't met - it's up to us to open our throat chakra and vocalize what we need in partnership and if we can't, this is not an outside job! Virgo season teaches us that <3

Thursday brings a grounded element into the week with Mercury in Virgo making a trine aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury loves to be in Virgo - it can think clearly and strategize, is great at analyzing and calculating - figuring out how to clean up what we've got and what our next steps are. Saturn in Capricorn is "the boss" that's keeping an eye on the big picture while also delegating out the details. This energy will be awesome for those of us who will be spending time at work on Thursday. Easy, grounded workflow, good ability to make decisions and knock things out. 

Also on Thursday, the moon moves out of Scorpio and into the light and bright Sagittarius. In this process, or the transition from any planet or luminary moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius - Scorpio is where we're sitting in it, feeling it, experiencing it - and then Sagittarius is where we leave what we no longer need, perhaps others impressions or expectations, the energetic "slop" so to speak, and really extract the gold, the truth, the meaning, the essence. With the moon, we're doing this on an emotional level and it's much quicker. 

On Friday, we can really try to hold too much in our mind with Jupiter in Sagittarius in a square to Mercury in Virgo. Jupiter wants to wander and Mercury wants to study. This can create an environment that is much more fun, but much less work - and that's okay. Our productivity shouldn't necessarily have to be the same day in, day out. Mercury will still be in a trine to Saturn so there may be a strong desire to get stuff done like Thursday. Perhaps the best way to go about this is to spend part of the day in a task mode and part of the day wandering around, doing whatever is fun for you. 

All of this Virgo energy also has to do with the body - Mercury is all about the nervous system and Jupiter can pull us into excess or doing things that perhaps would put us on overload - just really ask yourself if you really want to do everything that is on your list on Friday.

The energy serves really well to resting and taking care of ourselves, using this heightened mental energy in a reflective direction - this would be a wise direction to take Friday with the North Node in Cancer in a sextile to Mercury in Virgo. This is our opportunity to course-correct in how we treat ourselves and others. 

Also on Friday, the Sun in Virgo will be making a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn which gives us a lot of determination to work and to get things done - certain avenues of productivity can open up and with Saturn, there is always a little bit of a reminder of our limits so it's important to keep your eye out for overexertion. I really feel like this is THE week to let go of what isn't working - that Source can show us what exactly needs to go. Will we turn a blind eye? 

Also on Friday, Venus in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, giving this already nuanced day a feel of such depth, especially in our relationships. Venus trine Pluto energy is really good for allowing people to see us and to be vulnerable. Once again it's helpful not to be lost in our head - we can sometimes create things that aren't there, especially with the Mercury-Neptune opposition, exact on Saturday. 

This Mercury-Neptune opposition pulls us in two directions - the escapist and the productive. It's helpful not to expect too much of ourselves under an astrological alignment such as this. This energy can bring illusions in communication and can have us believing our absurd thoughts, so just stay cautious of that and light on Saturday if possible. 

The moon will move into Capricorn which makes an awareness of the practical very available. This is a nice moon placement under the Mercury-Neptune alignment because it gives us additional grounding that we may seek. 

On Sunday, the Sun in Virgo is making a square toward Jupiter in Sagittarius - this is a day where it can be really easy to eat or drink too much of what isn't necessarily good for you - it makes those things kind of enticing. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to have all of the experiences and it doesn't really matter the cost to the body, which is what the Sun in Virgo focuses on. Jupiter is excess and indulgence as well as the need to wander, so it could be kinda hard to focus on Sunday as well - and with the Sun in Virgo making a sextile aspect to the North Node in Virgo - it looks like it's a better day to nourish your soul than try to accomplish the most tasks. 

That won't stop us from asking the tough questions with Mercury in Virgo making a beautiful trine to Pluto in Capricorn - it will be easier for us to transform the difficult issues and have those tough conversations.

What a busy week! Take care of yourselves!! 

<3 M 

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