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Horoscope for the week of 8.26 - 9.1 || New moon in Virgo

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend so far.

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Last week was quite interesting as all that was shaken up during Leo season gets to be grounded in discipline and practice of Virgo season. Last week, Mars, Venus and then the Sun transitioned into Virgo with only Mercury still left to follow. The Mars-Venus conjunction that occurred was awesome for inspired, but grounded action.

On Monday, Venus in Virgo is making a positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This is a time to really examine our scaffolding and foundations in our close relationships. Venus in Virgo gives us the ability to think critically - while Uranus in Taurus is dissolving blocks left and right this week, first in coming to clarity and consensus in our relationships. This is where we're reminded that our partnership is built on a friendship, or that we really desire something more defined than is what is in our love life now. Inversely, we could decide that we desire more freedom in our lives from the constraints of the way that things are. This definitely gives us inspiration and hope but can definitely be a little ungrounding.

Monday the moon ingresses into the sign of Cancer, which gives us an ability to get in touch with our emotions which is huge for us when the North Node is in Cancer. This will allow our emotional guidance systems to speak louder and we'll have a heightened collective awareness of how to take care of ourselves.

On Wednesday, Mars in Taurus makes that same trine to Uranus in Taurus which does make us more excitable on a physical level - we use this energy to be very productive and inspired and that is one possibility. We have to be able to embrace the unexpected with Uranus rather than insisting on being critical, finding flaws and getting tripped up that things don't happen exactly how we expect it to. Follow the inspiration and act from that place rather than how you think it should be.

Also on Wednesday, the moons ingress into Leo, into a dark moon phase, can make us slightly more reticent to change - sometimes if we already have some stubborn tendencies we're working through you can encounter that when the moon comes into the fixed fire sign of Leo. Whenever there's a dark moon phase we can see some of the shadowy aspects of that sign. Under the shadow side of the Leo archetype, we can get bent out of shape when we don't get our way and can tap into the energy of pride - don't be afraid to go within during the phase leading up to the new moon in Virgo on Friday.

Thursday, the Sun in Virgo makes a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This is a really positive aspect for self-actualization and making new discoveries about our self-perception. Where may we be running unconsciously? This day will show us that in an easy, gentle way so that we can course-correct, which is all about what this Virgo season is about, an opportunity to tighten up!

On Friday, the moon moves right into the new moon in the sign of Virgo so that we can really purify and clean up. This may even lead to a desire to cleanse on a body level. Virgo purifies using discipline- and under this new moon and in this highly Virgo-influenced sky, we would contribute our energy to whatever our priorities are and it would be helpful on Friday to outline and detail exactly what those are to begin with. What has been working for you? What hasn't? These are the questions to ask as you decide where you want to place your energy as we slow down and settle into fall, where we have less daylight, less physical energy - it's not a good idea to have so many tasks hanging out around the winter solstice for example - this is a time where we are focusing on our most inward space ideally. This is a point of taking inventory.

Saturday, Mercury in Virgo will be positively aspecting Uranus in Taurus, giving us more practical ideas than we can keep up with! As each Uranus trine mentioned previously, this can go one of two ways - we can be flexible, and move with the current of inspiration and where our ideas are leading us, or we can harp down on the things that we believe are the most important because we know best. Surrender is a great key word for this week. If we make an effort to clear our mind we can really come into unexpected possibilities this week, but especially over the weekend.

Also on Saturday, Venus in Virgo is trining Saturn in Capricorn. This energy is really beneficial for making commitments in your relationships- seeing what is really real and what has the potential to go somewhere. On the same token, all aspects from Venus to Saturn can show us what isn't really working in our partnerships, especially in these discerning signs.

Sunday, the moon will come into the sign of Libra - this will definitely serve to uplift - a really good time to discuss the refinements you've made over the course of this Virgo season with those in your life. Whenever the moon waxes, it's an influx of energy- so check your natal chart to see where the dark moon, new moon and waxing moon will be this week!

Hope that you have a lovely week!!!

<3 M

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