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Horoscope for the week of 8.19 - 8.25 || Virgo season!

Greetings loved ones and starseeds! I hope you are all having an awesome start to your week or a great day whenever you're reading this. The full moon in Aquarius last week was really driving us to figure out who our tribe is, to examine our friendships as well as to draw up into the mind for some much-needed perspective. This energy is really important because we've been really burning up in the heart-centered Leo fire with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun all orbiting this sign. Gradually, those energies will shift into mutable earth sign Virgo this week so that we can materialize the desires that showed up with Leo season.

On Monday, the moon moves into the sign of Aries which gives us a lot of motivation and energy - for those of us who are already quite firey, this will activate that quite a bit! Slowing down can be quite challenging with the moon in Aries- we're really receiving the increase in momentum with Jupiter now direct and Mercury out of its shadow phase. After the summer we had, it's about time that we're feeling an influx and an upswing.

Wednesday, Venus moves into Virgo, in its fall position. Venus loves to play, exchange love and pleasure, while the archetype of Virgo is all about analysis, criticism and parsing things out into smaller parts so that you can eliminate what doesn't work. That's a very mental energy and Venus is about the hedonistic and the pleasurable. It's easier to criticize or analyze ourselves quite harshly as well as our partners. That's one side of this transit - the other, as with all of the Virgo transits moving in, is being in harmony with nature, cycles, rhythms and seasons. Using this time to really examine what isn't working in your life and to "trim the fat" so to speak across all areas. Our energy level slows down a little bit naturally in the fall- so we're looking at which projects aren't going quite how we want them to and what people in our lives aren't exactly for us- so that we can really release everything in the winter solstice and be reborn in the spring.

Mercury in Leo, communicating from our divine childlike place where everything is just a little bit more saturated, is moving into a positive aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, now direct. Creative, playful and expansive activities will be really well-encouraged by the Universe, but with Mercury making quincunxes (150* aspects where these planets can't see each other) to Saturn and Pluto this week, this is really not the time to look for outside approval around what you're doing.

The moon will move into Taurus on Wednesday into a waning quarter square. The waning quarter square can be a time of existential crisis sometimes in this society because it's a moon phase that is best honored with darkness and stillness and there aren't very many people, myself included at times, that makes the adequate space in their lives for that. It's definitely my intention this week.

Leo and Pisces are two signs that I immediately think of when the word "creativity" comes up - and with Mercury making a quincunx aspect (where these planets basically can't see each other from where they are in the sky) so there may be a quickly passing creative block in the mix on Thursday. Usually when there's any kind of creative block, it's a good idea to take some space from what you're working on and with these two signs especially, it may be especially beneficial to instead go do something fun that is not "results" oriented. This will help that blockage move along.

On Friday, the Sun shifts from Leo into Virgo! Virgo season! Even though I'm a Leo, for the past few years I've enjoyed Virgo season far more than Leo season - it's a beautiful opportunity to ground our energies, focus on our physical body and harmonize with the planet we're on. I've been personally trying to heal myself of "not belonging" on earth as a person who's always felt a little alien or unusual- that I'm on earth because I must have important work to do here. We all do if we're here. It helps me in that process to get outside, slow my breath, walk around, exchange energy with plants - and this is just my process - whatever helps you to have a better experience right here right now is what Virgo season is all about.

Virgo as an energy is able to see that short-term sacrifice leads to long-term gain and is also a very humble presence in the world. Where this can get tricky for people with Virgo energy is because they can often make long-term sacrifices for other people's short-term gains - watch the martyr syndrome if you already have that in your experience as is.

Also on Friday, moon moves into the sign of Gemini. Sometimes, a Mercurial sun and moon sign combination can be especially mentally busy and can have us scattering our efforts. The moon will stay in Gemini all weekend so this is a weekend to get centered first and THEN act.

On Saturday, Venus and Mars are going to conjunct in Virgo! Usually this is a time for explosive passion, inspired action, enhanced creativity- but also, for relationships this means that things can get steamy- which can mean some arguments or some fantastic intimacy, depending upon your own situation.

Sunday, this Venus and Mars conjunction will be forging a quincunx towards Chiron in Aries, so don't forget to stay connected to yourself as you may feel more productive and analytical through all these Virgo transits. Don't forget to remember that self-preservation is important and that we can best serve from a cup that is full.

Enjoy your week! And don't forget to sign up for my awesome astrology class coming up in Charlotte, NC <3

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