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Horoscope for the week of 8.12 - 8.18 || Aquarius full moon, Mars in Virgo

Greetings earth angels, starseeds & wise ones! I hope that you are all having a beautiful day so far. Last week was a crazy one, especially Sunday, August 11th because in one day, Jupiter stationed direct, opening the floodgates for easier access to spiritual consciousness and instant manifestations (delayed gratification, having faith and looking inward are paramount in a Jupiter retrograde station). Uranus also stationed retrograde, causing an electrifying new vantage point to look at our insides with - we can expect over the next six months of this retrograde station of Uranus unexpected shifts in our internal landscape. Mercury moved into Leo as well, opening up the heart for creative inspiration and allowing us to view the world through the eyes of a child. Yay!

On Tuesday of this week, the moon moves into Aquarius, gearing up for this full moon. We'll certainly feel a ramping up of energy - Aquarius energy is ruled by Uranus so this period, from Tuesday until Thursday, will be felt as very electrific and exciting - if we deal with change well, we'll be looking at all of the many possibilities on the horizon with hope and faith.

Wednesday, the Sun will make a conjunction to Venus in Leo- this is a really loving, friendly, harmonious, kinda lazy aspect where things generally tend to be easy. Because the Sun feels more at home here than Venus does, this is a time to watch for ego and pride, to just be mindful of those influences, and otherwise enjoy a fun, easy day while the full moon energies continue to ramp up!

Thursday brings the full moon in Aquarius! Yay!

This is a special full moon in my eyes because it highlights and seals in the lesson we were learning in 2017-2018 with the North Node orbiting the sign of Leo and the South Node orbiting the sign of Aquarius. This was the drop-into-your-heart-or-else moment and now that we're past that, we can see where it was challenging for us to be heart-led. This Full moon in Aquarius allows our martian antennae to rise up so that you can gain a really strong perspective for where this is all headed. This is definitely a day to visualize your future or to talk to your future self, as Aquarius is all about the future and a day to celebrate (or question) the kind of community we keep as Aquarius is our collective, networks, friends, groups we associate with.

Also on Thursday, we can bring about major healing in communication as Mercury is finally out of its shadow period in Leo and is making this gorgeous trine aspect to Chiron in Aries. Our ability to really show ourselves and our hearts may be received well - with Chiron in Aries slowly breaking down all of the constructs of who we think we are, breaking down the non-beneficial aspects of the ego, this is a great time to say those things that have been on your heart in some form or another to be seen, heard and aired out.

Friday, Mercury in Leo will be squaring Uranus in Taurus - our minds will be quite restless and it may be challenging to sit still - we may have so many ideas fall into our head that we don't know what to do with them all. This is a great day to be aware of your thoughts, to follow which one falls outside of your normal thought reel and to consider that sacred. This is a day that promotes claricognizance, or clear-knowing, and this is also a time where we may decide to change part of the way we communicate as a lot of us are regularly giving our power away to others in conversation without even realizing it. Be mindful of the ways in which you go against yourself or abandon/neglect yourself in communication with others. Pay attention to those negative thoughts that are hellbent on keeping you where you're at! And as always, with sudden changes it's best to surrender because despite how psychic we may be, we don't know where this is all headed quite yet.

The moon will move into Pisces making an inward retreat a little bit easier, where it will be easier to catch up on our sleep after the electrifying influences of the full moon and the Mercury-Uranus square. Creative and spiritual projects are go, be mindful of overly regimenting and allow yourself a little bit of space to zone out and feel. Escapism is definitely a tendency when the moon moves into Pisces so if that's something you already struggle with, maybe you carve out intentional escapes like a yoga class or some time outside.

On Sunday, Mars, the planet of action and will, moves into Virgo. Control issues come into the limelight here as well as a preoccupation with work. On a very practical level, this is a time where it's good for you to focus your awareness on your lifestyle - what you're eating and how you're moving and how that contributes to the big picture of your life. If you have perfectionism, as some of us with Mars in Virgo natally do (looks around) this may exacerbate this tendency. This is a great time as well to look at your gut health and get the help you need to correct it - Virgo is definitely the gut-brain. This transit is soothed by going out into nature and is made worse by criticizing yourself and those around you unnecessarily.

I hope this week is wonderful for you!

Enjoy the full moon <3


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