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Horoscope for the week of 7.29 - 8.4 || mercury direct/Leo new moon <3

Greetings loved ones and starseeds! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far. This year marks the one year anniversary of me quitting my day job to pursue a full-time career as an astrologer and intuitive (cue gratitude list). My birthday is Tuesday, and I'm offering 10% off my sessions until then when you use the coupon code "Birthday" - happy booking and thanks for a great year! :)

Last week brought a bunch of new energy as Venus and the Sun moved into the sign of Leo! This brings the emphasis from the moon, our inner emotions and what's rolling around in there, toward our external lives - what do we desire most from the center of our heart? These are questions we're beginning to ask ourselves and will continue especially when the new moon occurs in the sign of Leo - one thing that happened last week that I find interesting is that the Sun made a really positive aspect to Chiron (rx) in Aries - last week brought a bunch of illumination into things that we may not be looking at so that we can continue to heal.

Monday, the moon moves into Cancer. The moon phase before the new moon in astrology gets termed the "dark moon" because it brings up a lot of the shadow side of what that sign represents. In Cancer, it's the over-emphasis and misdirection of emotions - taking a certain emotion out on a loved one or repressing things that later boil up. Be mindful of this tendency. During the dark moon, it's common to feel introverted or even confused about what's going on in our lives- all will be revealed and will become more clear on the new moon in Leo on Wednesday.

This Leo new moon is going to be such a welcome reprieve from the energy we've had lately - it will really help to clear up what exactly is in our hearts. It's a good day to take a little bit of alone time to reflect on what that is without the energy of others somehow affecting it. It's also a really good time for us to find the humor, the meaning and the message of some of the chaos that has transpired around us during this recent eclipse cycle on the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury stations direct! Yay! It doesn't move out of its shadow phase until August 15th, but we'll slowly feel more clear in communication with others- it'll certainly be easier to express what we're feeling and to feel closer with those in our lives. Our phones, computers and cars will be very happy about this as well.

On Thursday, Venus in Leo will make a similar aspect as the Sun in Leo made last week - a trine aspect to Chiron in Aries. This aspect shows easy, effortless healing to our relationships which will be intensified if we do something to contribute to this - being, expose your concerns to someone you love, show a certain part of yourself your partner may not have seen before. This is a really positive aspect for sure- the way Chiron functions is this wounded healer brings up certain things that are wounding that we need to heal- this aspect is really natural and doesn't require a whole lot of effort on our part.

Last year, around this time of year, when Uranus first moved into Taurus and there were a lot of squares from Leo, and I remember talking a lot about relinquishing control and embracing change. Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs and fixed signs tend to hang on a while to things that don't serve them - potentially too long. There is an element of control with all of the fixed signs that we/they have to reconcile - aspects like this one force us to accept the change that is simply happening because it may be in our highest good. It's not for us really to decide- this kind of surrendering and allowing for change to happen comes as a realization of Divine plan. It's so much easier to surrender anyway, in my own experience (as a fixed sign).

Also on Friday, the moon moves into Virgo which puts our emotional focus on our physical bodies - food, water, movement, as well as all of the little things that we need to take care of. It's cool because there's a new moon in Leo - symbolizing a reset and re-centering - and then, the moon moves into Virgo so that we can go ahead and get to work implementing the changes we know we need to make, especially as it relates to the routines and details we'll need to sort out to make manifest our dreams and desires.

Sunday, the moon moves into the sign of Libra which is a really good moon sign transit to experience on the weekend. This is where we're able to enjoy the presence of others, if not prefer it, and really focus on collaborating and connection. It'll be awesome.

Enjoy your week lovies!


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