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Horoscope for the week of 7.22 - 7.28 || Venus conj Mercury and then into Leo

Greetings starseeds and loved ones! I hope you are all doing well today (Sunday, 7.21) or whenever you're reading this!

Last week, there was a HUGE full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16th - this huge full moon lunar eclipse is a time-marker for huge external and internal changes as well as notable release - of old habits, toxic people, ways of being, places of employment - people are really having radical shifts in their lives even now as the reverberations of this eclipse still resound.

Additionally, Venus moved in opposition to Saturn and Pluto which is a challenging journey for the sensitive Venus in Cancer- this has been adding a certain amount of internal/external pressure- like there's something big standing in the way of whatever it is that we want or need and we're having to be patient and instead temporarily come up against what our personal limitations are in relationships. Deep emotions and longings were pulled up to the surface to be expressed, or ignored, depending on the person- this has been a week that repressing our feelings is challenging for sure.

Mercury moved "backwards" into the sign of Cancer last week as well, which means that some of those emotions that we were feeling recently when Mercury was in Cancer are coming back up - we may be feeling highly nostalgic at this time - and there's definitely certain emotional truths that are a little bit unclear and challenging to navigate and deal with. The more you can be with yourself in this energy and not react to it - not need to force a conversation or fill that space somehow (with comfort foods or substances) the better.

Monday, we have a beautiful combination of the Sun in Leo with the moon moving into Aries. This may come as quite a breath of fresh air in all of the push pull between the water and earth that can possibly leave us feeling a little bit stuck in the mud or like we're drowning - this energy will bring spontaneity and fun to the equation, a healthy dose of motivation and creative expression.

Wednesday, Mercury retrograde in Cancer will conjunct Venus which will lend itself well to having some of those emotionally challenging conversations. Venus just went through quite a struggle with Saturn and Pluto- two heavy hitters in the sign of Capricorn, emitting quite an authoritarian vibe these days. It's possible that what has been coming up for some is feelings of unlovability in this process. This is the time to open up and share- clearly and with intention- because Venus wants to see and understand and Mercury has a lot to say. When these two planets come together, it creates a really lovely environment for fair, balanced and sweet communication - an open door.

On Thursday, we may feel a gust of new energy and new life as Mars in Leo is making a really positive happy trine aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius - this makes for an ability to do our work, professional or personal, in a way that allows us to see the big picture of where this is all headed and where we're going, while also plugging away at some of the details and need our attention in the moment. Thursday definitely brings a day of heightened awareness as Mars and Jupiter come together in this sacred alignment.

Also on Thursday, the moon comes into exaltation in Taurus. Exaltation is where a planet or luminary feels the happiest like it's on vacation- our emotions are able to stabilize a little bit and we're able to integrate what is happening when the moon comes into the sign of Taurus. This is incredibly grounding - a beautiful day to appreciate the value of nature.

Saturday, Venus enters the sign of Leo! In medical astrology, generally, Leo rules over two body parts/areas in the body. The heart and the backbone. This is going to be a really strengthening time for both of those, depending on where Leo is in your individual natal chart - there will be times where we will have to open our heart and share with our partners, friends and family during this Venus in Leo transit and there will be times where we'll have to stand in our power and honor ourselves. Next week, Venus in Leo will come up against Uranus in Taurus - our relationships all could probably use a little change. Uranus, being the agent of surprise and the unexpected is saying, "change or be changed!" and the fixed signs can resent change of any kind. Once again, just like this time last year, we come up against the idea of "non-attachment." It's not detachment - but moreso just honoring whatever is happening because it's what is happening. It's safe to come up into our observer mindset during times like this as long as we don't stay there forever.

Also on Saturday, the moon moves into Gemini as well - our emotions become a little bit more mental during these times and we can tend to become restless or anxious - especially if that's your innate tendency. Gemini rules over the lungs in medical astrology and so nothing truly quells anxiety like breath. Take a few deep breaths this weekend if you find that you're getting ahead of yourself. There's plenty of time to get it all done.

Sunday opens up a space for healing as the Sun in Leo trines over to Chiron in Aries. Trine aspects in astrology are very effortless and I feel like this may be an opportunity to be seen and heard in a new way - perhaps in a way that is a little bit vulnerable and a little bit uncomfortable but possibly very healing to us - Leo and Aries relate to exactly who we are without any pretense and this really shines a light on some things that we need a light shone on.

I hope that you all have an excellent week!

<3 M

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