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Horoscope for the week of 7.1 - 7.7 || new moon solar eclipse in Cancer/merc rx

Good evening! I hope you all are having a beautiful week before the craziest month of the year begins! The energy of July is very heightened - doors opening and closing, time speeding up and learning important lessons of emotional intelligence and inward listening.

On Monday of this week (Saturday, 6.29 when I'm writing this) Venus made a square aspect to Neptune which wasn't the most clear, especially in relationships, but definitely opened up a creative start to the week.

Mercury moved into the sign of Leo as well, preparing to station retrograde this week! Mercury will retrograde "back" through Leo and into the later degrees of Cancer - this is the heart-space in a nutshell. Sure, it's always good during a retrograde station of Mercury to be increasingly clear in your communication, but in this instance it has to do with the way that we communicate our emotions - the ease of which we are able to place boundaries around certain information as well. I have a feeling that discernment will come up for a lot of us.

The Sun in Cancer made a square aspect to Chiron in Aries which can pose a little bit of an ego-blow, some humbling so-to-speak.

Still, this week in comparison to some upcoming weeks, was kinda like a pause to look around, take a deep breath and assess the situation. Now we press on forward, and a lot of that has to do with moving backwards into our past to clear up what needs to be cleared so we can move forward in a more wholesome way.

On Monday, Mars ingresses into Leo- it becomes easy and comfortable to express ourselves creatively- this is a brilliant time for passion. This can also be a placement that can exhibit a great deal of pride and harmful ego - just be mindful not to get caught up in the blame game this month.

On Tuesday, the ultra-intense new moon solar eclipse in Cancer! This is a time for creating self-care rituals and setting intentions for the next six months. The way that you take care of yourself on Tuesday sets the precedent for the next six months so play it right! Setting a precedent for joy, happiness and self-love - doing something creative or curling up with family- chosen or family of origin. If you're feeling super inward, that's okay - give yourself space and time for an awesome emotional release that may be available to you around this time.

On Wednesday, Venus moves into Cancer! This is a beautiful combination and bodes really well for nurturing ourselves, just like the solar eclipse the day before. Venus is going to oppose the same heavy-duty players, Saturn-South Node-Pluto - not necessarily this week but closer to the middle & end of the month, which could intensify certain things in relationships that need to be let out. It also means that we have a chance to majorly heal what has transpired over the past few months of some upheaval and opposition in our environment.

On Thursday, Saturn is going to be right on top of the South Node in Capricorn! This is an aspect of learning where our limits are- reevaluating our structure and our foundation to see where the cracks are. The main message with this is sustainability - is what I'm doing sustainable? This aspect could also bring an end to karmic debt-settling relationships.

The moon moves into Leo as well on Thursday - this is a huge difference between what is going on with Saturn and the South Node - this brings a vibrant, creative energy that may feel a little bit boxed in by the rigidity of the Saturn-South Node aspect. It's good not to get stuck up in the evaluating, rational mindset all day on Thursday if you can do both.

On Sunday, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo! Mercury retrograde is such a tricky transit in this society because when this happens, we're asked to pause, reflect - challenging ourselves to slow down and get clear before each communication happens, before each transaction happens, before you take a drive, before you move through challenging situations - etc. Sometimes it's not the reality of the situation - sometimes we need that mistake on a soul level to learn a lesson we've had a hard time learning! This brief period of time where Mercury is in Leo will have us asking - what is really on our heart that we're having a hard time expressing?

The moon will move into Virgo on Sunday, the sign that is Mercury-ruled, countering the pull to slow down and to pause with a feeling that we "have to be doing something." This belief is a program that is holding most of us back from accepting true rest which may be more beneficial for us on Sunday.

Hope you all have an awesome crazy week!

If you're interested in learning about the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd, I'm having a free dharma talk that evening live on my Facebook group detailing exactly what it's about - with a by-sign interpretation! Search "Weavers of the Golden Thread" on FB to find us <3 <3

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