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Horoscope for the week of 6.10 - 6.16 || Jupiter-Neptune Square & lots of destiny :}

Greetings loved ones! I hope that last week was good for you - to recap last week, there were a lot of breakdowns and breakthroughs that I observed in my environment that came about as a result of the new moon in Gemini - felt like a total mental reset to me and those around me. Mercury, planet of communication, moved into the sign of Cancer which does indicate emotional communication- this is definitely a time where we tend to reminisce on past thoughts, words and actions and hey - sometimes, you have to go backwards to go forwards. Don't get trapped back there as we begin to face new possibilities and new challenges this week!

Venus moved into Gemini last week as well which is where our love nature becomes significantly more mental - this is a very conversational Venus placement and whatever Venus affects becomes easier - so communication breakthroughs continue to flow through Gemini season.

We're still feeling some of the Sun in Gemini/Neptune in Pisces square aspect from last week, leaving us slightly away from "reality," despite our egos protestations - get grounded as the week begins to promote balance!

Monday, the Sun in Gemini makes an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius - this aspect can make us pulled between our ideals, beliefs and our faith and what we can see, feel and know. Jupiter in Sagittarius is still stationing retrograde until August, so we may be trying to probe the outside world for answers early in the week until we realize that the answers that we are mostly seeking are already inside us - they're answers we have to re-remember.

Tuesday, the moon moves into Libra - a transient influence that pulls us emotionally toward connecting with those in our lives - beauty is enhanced more and we can tend toward valuing harmony at this time. Creativity is definitely heightened as well when the moon is in Libra.

Wednesday is a big day for "right action." I've spoken before on this blog about the orbiting North Node, or the collective destiny - what we tend to feel discomfort towards but when we act in that way, we feel better and are setting ourselves up for a much brighter future. Mars in Cancer will come over-top of the North Node which in my eyes looks like a loud call from the Universe to take care of ourselves. The North Node is pushing us toward nurturing ourselves and our inner child - and there may be some triggered inner child wound that you need to work out. This is also highlighting the concept of "going backwards to go forwards." Sometimes we have to aggressively search the archives of our lives to make certain connections between triggers and reactions.

On Thursday, Venus in Gemini will make a loving sextile toward Chiron in Aries, making this a really great day to communicate what is on your heart, which may come from deep down as the moon moves into the probing, psychological and feeling sign of Scorpio. Definitely hold "respond, don't react" as a mantra on Thursday because there is a real opportunity for healing to occur by allowing yourself to be seen.

Friday poses an opportunity to grow as Mars in Cancer is aspected by both Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. This Mars-Neptune trine is going to be positive, creative - maybe a little nebulous or hard to see where the work you are doing now is going (it IS going somewhere!!) and the burden of time can feel like a lot of pressure with the Mars-Saturn opposition - it's very easy to judge ourselves or feel like we're not doing enough under this configuration.

Every time the orbiting North Node is conjunct by a personal planet, this poses a significant marker in our personal and collective destiny - and earlier in the week, Mars & the NN came together to remind us what the next right action is. Saturday, Mercury conjuncts the North Node which is about right speech and right thinking! Would you talk to your best friend like that inside your head? Are you undercutting yourself mentally from doing something that could help a lot of people? Are you being kind to your friends and family using nurturing language and are they doing the same to you?

Also on Saturday, the moon moves into Sagittarius giving us an optimistic emotional bend - it makes it a little bit more challenging to stay and feel - we want to get up and go a bit more when the moon comes into Sagittarius.

Sunday ushers in the third of four Jupiter-Neptune squares this year!!! This is the biggest theme that 2019 has to offer except this time, Jupiter and Neptune are both stationing retrograde. The Jupiter in Sagittarius - Neptune in Pisces square generally has to do with dissolving any of our personal and collective illusions to get as close as we can to the source of the Truth. Due to the fact that it's Gemini season, I mentioned earlier that we are likely seeking to find the truth outside of ourselves - in books, in media, in science... but what we are seeking on Sunday is subjective truth which means that if you spend Sunday seeking your insides, you should find things that help you to move forward in a more meaningful way.

Enjoy your week! To book a personal reading with me, click the booking link :)


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