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Horoscope for the week of 6.3 - 6.9 || new moon & Mercury/Venus change signs

Greetings loved ones! I hope you all are doing fabulously today and that you're enjoying the close to your weekend.

Last week, Mercury in Gemini made a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces and made an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius - this was felt by myself and a lot of those in my life as unconscious processes being made conscious, delusions of grandeur and feeling scattered, ungrounded and pulled apart. Mercury in Gemini wants to concentrate on the facts while Neptune in Pisces wants to dream- Jupiter in Sagittarius may have us taking larger risks on faith. Communications may have gone haywire last week as well. The dark moon in Taurus that closed up yesterday was bringing up feelings of lack around money and self-esteem. There were a lot of really positive, healing aspects involving our relationships and the feeling of support by those we love.

Monday starts off the week with a bang with the Gemini new moon! This is an opportunity for us to rewire our thoughts and get a total mental reset. A lot of us, myself included, have had a lot of "faulty programming" come up and Monday is an excellent time to reset and set the record straight. What we intend and what we say, think and believe will have amplified power to be expressed over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, Mercury moves into Cancer- time to communicate our feelings! For a lot of us it can be challenging to find the right words to say, so let's use this time to proactively find the words and express them with deliberation and purpose! Mercury in Cancer is a time of past review as well, so maybe dig into your ancestry and your genes to figure out where certain patterning comes from so that it can be put to rest as Mercury crosses the North Node, destiny, later on this month. You'll be glad you did. Mercury in this watery place will make a sextile to freedom-oriented Uranus in Taurus, giving us an added mental boost that is there for us if we decide to activate it as well as some great ideas.

Wednesday, Mercury in Cancer makes a challenging square aspect to Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries is basically one big ego death after another, also calling attention to where we neglect ourselves. It's easy when we're stuffing our own needs to develop some resentments, so pay close attention to where your own energy is at on Wednesday before you say yes to anything. It's also good on the other hand not to drown or wallow in self-pity- being of service in a meaningful way can combat that if needed. The moon will move into Cancer which may allow us to put some pieces together about why we act the way we act and react the way we react in certain situations- this insight will come as Mercury and the moon connect.

Friday, the moon moves into Leo which may lift the mood a good bit and allow us to feel a little lighter. This is a transient but fun and playful place for the moon to be. Very beneficial for self-expression and creativity.

On Saturday, Venus moves into the sign of Gemini where the love language assigned is words of affirmation! Expression seems to be the name of the game this week- our love nature becomes spontaneous during this time - introducing variety into your relationship and into your life is definitely recommended at this time.

Sunday, the moon moves into Virgo which does in this planetary alignment give a little bit of anxiousness about the to-do list - there is a lot about what is going on for a lot of us for a while now that hasn't made a whole lot of sense to our rational mind. The moon in Virgo tries to contend with that on Sunday while the irrational is exacerbated from a square from the Sun in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces - this is an aspect where inherently we may have a challenging time seeing things as they really are. This opens up the beginnings of a mutable grand cross as well, which can make us feel a bit directionless. It can be challenging to come to the center of who we are which is why present-moment awareness and grounding can both be very helpful!

Here is your horoscope for all of the signs:

Gemini: this new moon is falling in your house of identity, bestowing you with a beautiful opportunity to be reborn. Mercury moves into your house of self-worth and personal finances - your money is going to be on your mind and your mind is going to be on your money! This is a good time to affirm self-worth and make a budget. Only express what is of value to you or others! Venus will be in your house of YOU later this week which will make you very attractive to the world around you - it's a great time for opportunities (and maybe dates?) to come effortlessly.

Cancer: this new moon offers you an opportunity to let go of some deeply rooted fears- one way to do that is to make a ceremony - write it down and burn it so that you can relinquish fears that may be holding you back. Mercury will move into your house of YOU so "selfish in a good way" is a mantra you can ascribe to over these next few weeks. Venus will be moving through your house of the unconscious so mind your motives in your relationships and be mindful of karmic relationships that show back up to show you how far you've really come.

Leo: this new moon is happening in your house of TRIBE so put yourself in the middle of your support system and allow yourself to enjoy that space. Donate to a cause that holds your heart or maybe be of service to the community for the best day possible. Mercury is moving into the house of the unconscious - the logic can turn off in favor of the intuition. Don't push yourself too hard over these next few weeks to achieve all that you can - allow yourself to relax. Venus will be blessing that space of community and connection so your friendships will flourish effortlessly during this time.

Virgo: this new moon is happening in your house of career so you may have an idea about an entirely new direction that you can take- maybe there's a situation in the workplace that has been weighing heavily on you- now is the time it will finally resolve. Mercury is moving into a very social part of your chart so you'll definitely be feeling a little bit more outward for the next few weeks- enjoying sharing conversations and connection with the community that you belong to. Venus will be moving into your house of career so new opportunities may be on your journey forward.

Libra: this new moon is happening in your house of belief systems, meaning an opportunity to flip the switch that's needed to be flipped likely for a while. It would be a great idea to write this down! Mercury moves into your house of career so you'll definitely be a little bit more ambitious but perhaps held back by something challenging that you're shifting within over the next few weeks. Give yourself grace and take a mental health day if that is what you need. Venus will be moving into your house of belief systems, potentially offering up inexpensive traveling opportunities for you to seize - this is a good time to live in the moment and cultivate an expansive outlook on life. Learning of any kind is supported under this astrological climate.

Scorpio: this new moon is happening in your house of death and rebirth, so chances are you've been experiencing some triggering experiences over the past week and some change - this will feel like a nice resolve after a period of some deeply felt dissonance. Mercury will be moving into optimistic, forward-looking territory - you'll be focused on learning and growing spiritually after a brief period of darkness. Venus will move back through that house of crisis and the wisdom that comes from it, as well as deep intimacy, and whatever Venus touches, she beautifies and blesses. This opens up pathways for true vulnerability with those in your life - to see and be seen. This will have a regenerative, healing effect on you.

Sagittarius: this new moon is happening in your house of partnership and just other people in general. This can look like new insights coming through about a particular partner or relationship in your life or even a realization about yourself within the context of a partnership. Mercury is moving into your house of your deep inner space, bringing the observer mind into crevices for further processing- less deeply feeling, more analyzing and observing. Venus is going to be dancing through your house of partnership - relating to others in all ways can feel effortless especially when we simultaneously take care of ourselves.

Capricorn: this new moon is happening in the part of the sky for you that has to do with your health and routine - you may feel called to implement a new lifestyle that is more supportive to your purpose on this planet. Mercury is going to move into your house of partnership and just other people - your mind will be on others for that time, focused on the people in your life and how to include them into your routine, which should be easier than ever as Venus moves into your house of routine, blessing your health and causing you to choose the right foods for you and to set up your life in a way that honors you and others.

Aquarius: this new moon is happening in your house of creativity and your inner child - this is also the house of joy. Maybe you realize a new way to have fun, a new hobby to enjoy or a new way to give your inner child a voice. Mercury will be moving into your house of routine and health - your mind will become focused upon the mundane and practical for a little while. Venus will move into that same house of joy and creativity, opening up opportunities for dating if you're open to that as well as lots of fun and playtime.

Pisces: this new moon is happening in the house of home and your emotional state - this may feel like an inward day for you - emotions may run high. Mercury will move into your house of joy and leisure - you'll have a lot of fun over the next few weeks, focusing on gaming with others that you love and making new connections in your social arena. Venus will move into your house of family and your most private space away, so you may feel that your relationships with your family get easier and it's easier for you to be in with those you love than out and about - think about how Mercury and Venus' influence negate each other!

Aries: this new moon is happening in your house of communication and thought, so it's important to be mindful of what you think during this new moon. It's also important to consider any opportunities for learning that may have presented themselves recently. Mercury will be moving into your house of home so your mind may be on making your home life a supportive environment so you can do what you need to do out in the world - you may do this by bringing in plants and crystals, saging your house or maybe cleaning up Marie Kondo style. Venus will be moving into your house of short-distance travel, movement and communication- transitions in daily life become easier and you can meet someone who gives you an awesome blessing or an opportunity in your local spots you frequent.

Taurus: this new moon is happening for you in your house of personal finances so make your money intentions known, Taurus! A realization about your self-worth may surface as well. Mercury will move into your house of communication and thinking so over the next few weeks you will be a busy bee with more and more people filling up your email and voicemail inbox. Venus will enter your house of personal finances and self-worth, so you'll definitely have some opportunities to make extra cash that come in effortlessly as well as some boost to your self-worth.

Enjoy your week lovelies!


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