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Horoscope for the week of 5.27 - 6.2 || look before you leap & grounding

Greetings loved ones! I hope you are all doing well this memorial day morning - if you have served in the military, you have my gratitude!

Last week, the very mentally busy, intellectually curious and slightly mischievous Gemini season commenced as the week opened. The Sun and Mercury moved into a conjunction, increasing the speed of our thought patterns and maybe scattering us about. We had a little bit of a self-conscious aspect arise on Thursday with Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries.

The astrological week begins on Wednesday with Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces- this gives us a challenging time staying focused, staying realistic and seeing things as they are. We may instead be fanciful, drawing up and out of our experiences using escapist tools, especially if we lean in that direction already. This is a major pull between what is practical and what is ideal. The moon moves into Aries which adds a very spontaneous, potentially impulsive side to our emotional nature, giving us a need to go our own way.

Thursday, Venus in Taurus makes beautiful sextiles to the North Node in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, opening up the door to beautiful, receptive energy and compassion. This aspect opens up the door to worthiness and self-love in a way that feels very effortless and easy. With the square from Mercury to Neptune and the opposition from Mercury in Gemini to Jupiter in Sagittarius, it's easy for us to get away from ourselves. Be mindful of foolish new directions that don't make any sense and ideas of grandeur- these aspects can make it hard to stay grounded in reality.

Friday, the grounding comes in fully with a positive aspect from Venus in Taurus to Saturn in Capricorn and the moon moves into Taurus as well. This is going to affect a few things - our connection to our bodies will be stronger and our bodies may have a few things to talk to us about after potentially overextending this week. Not only that, but this gives us a sense of stability and commitment in our relationships and in our lives. Any limits to our self-worth will come into our awareness, not to make us feel bad, just so we can clear it out. The dark moon in Taurus could bring up some materialism or fears around security or change which the Gemini new moon on Monday of next week moves in to eradicate by showing us how much we can learn, be impartial and objective and get a little bit curious about the world around us.

Sunday, the moon moves into Gemini which will become closer to that blank slate, restful feeling that the new moon brings. This is turning a corner for all of us in terms of the way we think and the way we use our words - Gemini season can exacerbate our petty or gossipy tendencies which we really want to avoid during this time because our thoughts and words are amplified. I think that around the new moon it's best to observe a quiet space if you can - to talk less and listen more will behoove us as we move closer towards the new moon phase. Venus in Taurus will be trining Pluto in Capricorn which gives us a very deeply feeling sense of where our relationships are headed - which ties need to be severed and which ties need to be strengthened.

Hope you enjoy your week ahead! <3

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