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Horoscope for the week of 5.20 - 5.26 || Gemini season + radical compassion

Greetings loved ones! I hope you have taken some rest for yourself today, especially if you are reading this in the aftermath of one of the biggest and baddest (in a good way) full moon in Scorpio. That was one of the most energetic, vibrant full moons that we've had in a while in my opinion- a lot of stuff came up one final time which for some, for me, was entirely positive and for a lot of people it was entirely negative. I know that this full moon was very drastically either/or for a lot of people. Venus conjunct Uranus led to big realizations in our relationships as well as our relationships with things like money, possessions and our value and self-esteem. So much has changed in such a short amount of time during Taurus season with the Sun conjunct Uranus in the early days of Taurus season, followed by Mercury and then Venus. This has been enlivening and inspiring for so many people - ideas full of value have been coming to folks in a beautiful way and the world is so alive. Unfortunately, this as well as the Capricorn energy (Saturn, Pluto and the South Node) have been showing up in a negative way in the media. Certain toxic masculine projections have to be fully eradicated and in order to do that we have to first align ourselves with something higher and then be exposed to it in an overt way. Something has to come up on a personal and a collective level for it to shift.

Venus moved into Taurus and Mars moved into Cancer last week which I wrote about with dates in an earlier blog post that you can check out. Our receiving nature and our relationships are both being healed while our active, going and doing nature becomes sluggish and tired, bound up by authority but still showing us that we need to fully feel and that in itself is an action brought about with Mars in Cancer- emotions running high is fairly common during this transit especially if that is your natural tendency.

Tuesday starts off with a bang! The Sun and Mercury move together into the sign of Gemini which orients us towards socializing- the late spring is an awesome time to get together with your community and have a divine time. Our minds will be extremely busy as these two very personal planets will be conjunct (on top of each other) causing us to be a little bit more self-conscious or self-aware- sometimes this isn't a bad thing. I'm looking forward to Gemini season because one of the parts of my business is writing- it's my primary way of advertising for myself as an astrologer and an intuitive. The words can flow out of even a person who doesn't write that often so it's important on Tuesday to keep pen and paper nearby.

The moon will move into Capricorn on Tuesday which brings a security orientation and a drive toward the practical. This shifts on Wednesday as the orbiting moon, which symbolizes our transient emotional state, edges toward limiting Saturn which can cause very sobering moments - the moon orbits very quickly so it's a glimpse of reality and also what we feel limited by. The moon will then pass over the South Node, a brief moment of karmic release, letting go, then will pass over Pluto which causes a brief moment of emotional tumult that quickly passes.

On Wednesday, the North Node of the Moon in Cancer positively aspects Neptune in Pisces which draws the emphasis inside and allows us to feel for a moment alignment and connectedness with the world around us- even with the challenging journey the moon is taking. This is the energy of radical compassion, for ourselves and others which can be a beautiful thing to have whilst participating in an emotional release. Mars in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Cancer as well which creates a drive to shake things up- personal freedom is the name of the game with this aspect. I think if isolating is your own personal tendency then maybe watch for that and be sure to let people know your whereabouts but if you're a person that airs on the side of considerate of others, you're likely to find some relief by going off on your own. You have to filter every influence through your own chart and through your own basic tendencies.

Chiron is front and center on Thursday as the wounded healer dwarf planet currently stationed in Aries, the Selfhood is making a sextile aspect to Mercury in Gemini for an increased sense of mental awareness and clarity which can also become self-conscious as it's a little bit more painful to be aware. This aspect should be easy to navigate in comparison to the Mars in Cancer square - which comes down to embodiment and emotions. Mars generally doesn't want to feel but it is forced to in the sign of Cancer. Mars wants to be in Aries where Chiron is because that's where it can best execute its vision- our sense of action may be a little bit off based on emotions that we may feel side-swept by. We don't always have to be big doers or action-oriented people - that is merely an illusion of society. People with Mars in Cancer in their natal chart for example are of the creative variety- a creativity that endows them with the gift of deep feeling and that is the place that they act from. Within this aspect is a jewel waiting to be discovered provided we're willing to make ourselves a little bit uncomfortable.

Friday, the moon moves into the sign of Aquarius which is a nice moment of congruence with the Sun in Gemini - a lighthearted, intellectual and curious vibe is to be had for us on Friday - I think when the orbiting moon and Sun are in air signs it's a moment of genius and clarity to behold. I love suggesting my clients and students practice breathwork under a planetary alignment like this.

Saturday, the Sun in Gemini faces another highly aware, growth-inducing sextile to Chiron in Aries. Mercury faced this a few days prior and now it's time for our ego to go through a similar phenomena. This is a sextile aspect which is inherently positive- and the beautiful thing about orbiting sextiles is that you can choose to activate them- this is an aspect that softens us just enough to where we can see a potential flaw in our own thinking, especially as it relates to our self-care and embodiment.

Sunday, the moon moves into the dreamy and creative sign of Pisces where we are able to expand on the radical compassion provided by the earlier aspect of North Node in Cancer trining Neptune - this just allows us to really see where we've been coming from and where the people in our lives come from. This increases the felt connection between people and with whatever higher power we ascribe to.

Enjoy this week! <3 M

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