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Venus in Taurus & Mars in Cancer

Hello wonderfuls! I hope you are having a positive, enriching day so far. I'm comin' atcha to talk about the movements of Venus into Taurus and Mars into the sign of Cancer, both occurring tomorrow, May 15th. Tomorrow, the energy greatly shifts from fire and air to earth and water for a perceptible change in the energy of love, relationships, sex, conflict, action & our will direction.

Venus, planet of love, relationships and receiving, has been moving through the sign of Aries in a rather self-conscious fashion. Usually, Venus in Aries has no problem showing its real, authentic self, but we've seen a few things that have counteracted our ability to do that during this orbit of Venus- namely, a conjunction to Chiron in Aries which has been highlighting the way that we can sometimes neglect ourselves since February of this year. Venus also made some square aspects to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer, which caused a lot of our unworthiness beliefs to come back up while also creating a collective sense of existential dread and disillusionment. The year of 2019 is all about opening our eyes fully and completely so a little bit of disillusionment is a part of that so that we can create from a clear place.

Venus will move into Taurus from May 15th until June 8th, when it will transition into the sign of Gemini. The sign of Taurus, sensual and relaxed, is ruled by Venus so Venus loves to take up space there. Venus feels fully okay to receive and take up all kinds of yummy energetic space in Taurus. The areas we have to take caution to avoid are: getting too comfortable within our relationships and taking people for granted, feelings of possessiveness in relationships, lethargy and laziness. You'll find that this is unlike any Venus in Taurus transits that have come before in our lifetime because Uranus is in Taurus, causing us to have a shift in our foundation anyway. We likely don't feel the opportunity not to take action and a sense of security may already be missing from some of the relationships that really aren't serving us in the long run.

May 18th: Venus in Taurus conjuncts Uranus

- This aspect is going to be very exciting and stimulating! Not only is this happening on the very same day as the Full Moon in Scorpio but this is happening in a sign where Venus feels comfortable and Uranus is in its "fall" or least favorite position. This is a day to expect the unexpected in your relationships AND in your bank account. I believe manifesting has been very challenging for a lot of us lately and this is the day that the floodgates can open for a lot of the manifestations we've been waiting on provided that we can release the ball of intention we've been hoarding (haha!)

If you're single, this aspect could bring you a surprise realization about yourself and your attachment issues, a renewed sense of relief in grieving the loss of a past relationship or a breath of new fresh air in your relationships- maybe you'll meet someone (if it is for your highest and best good). If you're partnered and in a flimsy or unhappy relationship, maybe you receive a blank slate in your love life. It's also possible that you experience new life in your partnership or make a discovery about your partner that softens your heart. Expect the "out of left field" option.

May 30th: Venus in Taurus sextile North Node in Cancer but trine South Node in Capricorn:

- This is all about letting go of feelings of possessiveness and greed within our relationships. Aspects, even positive ones, to the South Node can lead to a big clearing. Maybe this is when you decide that it doesn't benefit you emotionally to tie your happiness up into someone or something outside yourself and that money does not define happiness!

May 30th: Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

- This day will be very creative undoubtedly as this aspect occurs, but be wary of "seeing what you want to see" in others with those rose colored glasses so that you can stay stuck in a situation that you saw on May 18th with the Venus-Uranus conjunction that you're ready to move on from.

May 31st: Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn:

- Here, we are learning to look within our own heart for the security we seek and choosing to trust people based on our feelings of discernment. An important part of this is looking past superficialities and focusing on what you know in your gut is right for you. This is an awesome day to choose to commit to something across all areas of life.

June 2nd: Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

- This indicates a deepening into ourselves, our understanding of the way that the world works as well as what exactly we need to do to bring ideas and creative projects into the realm of reality. This gives us also an opportunity to be vulnerable and hold space for the vulnerability of another. It's possible that some residual self-worth issues are lingering at this time for us to release.

Mars in Cancer:

Mars will move into the sign of Cancer as well on May 15th (tomorrow for me) until July 1st- and Cancer its fall position. Cancer is very nurturing and loving, but Mars, God of war and planet of raw sexuality, passion and drive, can feel rather stifled in the sign of Cancer. The expression of this energy can look passive-aggressive and our energy levels can tend to wax and wane pretty heavily. Mars in Cancer has significantly more inward conflicts rather than outward conflicts so the energy of projection runs high as well as taking on the energetic and emotional "stuff" of other people - it's a good time to fortify and solidify your energetic boundaries. Family conflicts and disconnections are highly possible- remember, just because someone is your family, does not mean that you in any way have to put up with any toxicity.

May 23rd: Mars in Cancer square Chiron in Aries

- This is a day where our wounding and triggers may be right up near the surface for us to unpack and deal with. There may be some contention and tension between obligation or what we said we would do and what we actually want to do. Maybe our body need something different in each moment and right now, it behooves us to honor that first so that we can preserve ourselves for our lifes purpose. Be mindful of saying yes just to say yes without passing these obligations through your own intuition and inner filter.

June 12th: Mars in Cancer conjunct North Node, opposes South Node in Cancer:

- This is going to be a big day! A lot of us during the North Nodes orbit through Cancer, or the collective push to reconcile our emotions and get more in touch with our feeling side, have been working through our emotions and have been learning proper emotional management- how to not project our emotions onto other people, disconnecting from feelings that are not ours and taking full responsibility for those that are ours. This is a really good day to examine this process- we may notice that our work has paid off or we may realize just how far we have to go- likely both (it be like that sometimes). This is a really good day to work out some resentments at the gym or in yoga class- working your problems out through your physical body is highly encouraged.

June 14th: Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

- This will create a watery and emotional feeling. It's a good idea to not get swept along with the current- to stay planted and rooted in reality. Romanticizing and spending the whole day dreaming will not stand up in court! This may lead to radical compassion around a difficult situation for sure. This may cause an issue with checking off the boxes on our to-do list but will majorly creatively and spiritually stimulate us!

June 14th: Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn

- This is an aspect that may be a little more challenging in terms of coming up against resistance or red tape in our environment. We may be working out our issues with an authority figure under this planetary alignment so if you do encounter any resistance, first look toward the challenges you faced in childhood and notice the direct parallels. Our physical energy could be limited with this opposition from Mars to Saturn, so please (for me!) take good care of yourself!

June 19th: Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn

- The key to playing this otherwise turbulent and challenging energy right is to do the next right thing. Triggers will be up near the surface and it's also possible that agitation runs high- an emotionally and physically intense day is to be had. The reason why it's so hard is because our barriers to feeling it all are being broken down and we are witnessing big turnarounds in the larger system (and since we're all connected, we all feel what the collective is vibing on!) Please be gentle with yourself on this day. <3

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