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Horoscope for the week of 4.29 - 5.5 || pulled apart to be put back together

Greetings loved ones! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. In the spirit of Taurus season, I am offering a Money, Astrology & Ancestry class at my house, for Charlotte locals. It's happening on May 16th and will be an experiential workshop, some journaling and meditation involved, to get to the root of our family's money issues and stop that cycle from perpetuating. I'll also offer a 15 minute astrology reading that will help you to discover further personal blocks and solutions. To register, click the "Booking" tab on this website, go to "Classes" and you'll see it listed!

Last week was pretty wild in the astrology. The Sun in Taurus, our fixed earth sign which can both bring us both immense creative value and some resistance around change or new things, came up against Uranus in Taurus, breaking down all of our foundations and what we think we need. The earth signs are being uprooted from their safety at this time, especially dominant Capricorn or Taurus people. Fixed signs Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius may have also experienced some resistance around the changing times last week.

Additionally, our receiving nature and love relationships reached peak vulnerability with Chiron in Aries conjunct Venus in Aries. This aspect last week brought up wounding around inability to be ourselves. For a lot of people, the movements of Chiron, the wounded healer, and Venus, the archetype of love, brought a very healing and soothing energy to the deepest parts of ourselves. The Chiron that exists at the time, date and place that we were born is our core wound whereas orbiting Chiron is much more of a healing sweep.

Last weekend, we may have felt a little bit imbalanced or had a hard time maintaining focus with Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces- the next right steps were rather illusory and it may have been hard to see things clearly.

Today (Monday) Saturn stations retrograde in Capricorn! I wrote about it in a prior blog- I believe that Saturn in Capricorn is dismantling internal and external systems that aren't really working anymore. Here we are consulting with our own internal authority- with any retrograde station usually the focus becomes inward and reflective- it is beneficial for us to consider where we can further ground or relax around the sweeping currents of change in our lives. This includes not comparing yourself to anyone else. The sooner we can get out of the comparison trap and realize that people have different souls with different goals and some of those goals don't look like what success *should* look like in the context of our society. Compare yourself to yourself at this time. Saturn will station direct on September 18th and that will indicate an ability to make empowered choices for ourselves and what is best for us in the long term while not chaining ourselves to any one version of how it should go.

Monday the moon shifts into the sign of Pisces, which softens slightly the felt energy of Saturn stationing retrograde. The emotional energy becomes sleepy, dreamy, creative and spiritual and it makes it easier to try to escape this reality which sometimes when there's a lot of disruption in the earth celestial bodies isn't always a bad thing. It's important to be mindful of your escapist tendencies when the moon comes into the sign of Pisces.

On Tuesday, Saturn (recently retrograde) forms a conjunction with the South Node in Capricorn, emphasizing the continued release of control issues, power struggles, greed and fixation on the material in favor of emotional balance, self-care and allowance. Sometimes when challenging planets conjunct the South Node, some people have a difficult time. If whatever the South Node is trying to get us to release is something that the individual struggles with releasing in general, that will create some contrast. Remember this week that we are seeking chosen family, emotioanl intelligence and awareness as well as our own space from time to time- that is our current North Star.

On Wednesday, our communication takes some interesting turns as Mercurcy in Aries forms a square aspect to the North Node in Cancer, the South Node in Capricorn as well as Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury in Aries can carry with it a sense of urgency and impulsivity- we can rush into saying whatever is on our minds without considering the world around us. The astrology of the times is definitely supporting a more inward focus, but that doesn't mean to blindly speak without considering the emotional implications of those around you and to consider the position our words put us in long-term. Truth without compassion is brutality.

Mercury in Aries will form a sextile to Mars in Gemini- it may be more effective to write things down and save them for later. This adds a busy-ness to our inner mental space which increases the importance of slowing down, remembering that the Sun is still in Taurus which increases the importance of the present moment and focus on the body.

Thursday, Mercury in Aries gets caught up with Pluto in Capricorn, which gives a probing and very psychological nature to our communication. The truth can sometimes be hard to handle and can bring us to some deep, dark places. The good thing to keep in mind as we come up against some potential triggers in communication on Thursday (again, highlighting the importance of taking the pause and writing things down perhaps rather than blurting things out of our mouths) is that all situations change, pressure moves off- the most important remedy is often the passing of time.

This highlights the importance of being kind to ourselves as Saturn and Pluto are officially both in a retrograde cycle- a lot of the mean speech and the control issues and the impulsivity or compulsivity may be our inner saboteur.

The light comes out later on Thursday as Mercury in Aries will positively aspect Jupiter in Sagittarius- a positive and expansive wave after some potential negative self-talk and communication blunders. This will help us to see two really important things: 1) the humor and 2) the bigger picture.

Saturday marks the new moon in Taurus! This day is all about setting money and abundance wishes and intentions, intentions for growth in the business and practical realms, appreciating the sensual and the natural parts of life- food, sex, the body. This new moon is going to bring a really chill, relaxing reset of a weekend which may be particularly necessary after a week that has some contrast.

Watch over extending from Friday to Tuesday of next week. On Sunday, our impulsivity and extension may run high with Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius. This aspect can be felt as very positive but it can cause us to scatter our efforts quite a bit, can cause us to forget about certain things that we need to attend to- overpromising and under-delivering is something that is paramount with this aspect.

If you'd like a personal reading from me, click the booking link in my bio and if you'd like to order a report, you can purchase that from my shop!

Enjoy your week!


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