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Horoscope for the week of 4.22 - 4.28 || the wound is where the light enters you

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Last week was interesting in the cosmos - a lot of energy drawing us inward to evaluate our identity and the positions we're in in life as well as a lot of energy pulling us out of our experience to evaluate things from the perspective of other people in our lives.

Jupiter stationed retrograde in Sagittarius on Tuesday and that really shifts the locus of inspiration and wisdom from an external perspective to an internal perspective. We are now asked to go within and consult our own internal guidance, which is something that we ideally would be doing each day anyway. Outside answers may not be as readily available as we would like them to be, so we will be asked to go within to seek answers. Sagittarius as a sign is all about the truth- so we are to find now what the truth means for us, what our own truth is.

The full moon in Libra last week on Friday was the second Libra full moon that came in to bring balance, but also maybe put up some resistance and brought a little bit of chaos as it entered into a cardinal grand cross with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, the North Node in Cancer and the Sun in Aries. This puts up a lot of resistance around who we are, how we feel about things emotionally, what we have power over, what has power over us and where we are improperly spending our time and energy. Likely we could see ways through the disruption that our lives could be brought into better balance.

Mercury was conjunct Chiron, wounded healer dwarf planet, in Aries on the same day of the full moon in Libra which may have been one of the sources of triggers on Friday. In some ways, we were made to be exposed to some of our weaknesses, some of our neuroses, maybe faulty ways of thinking. Those moments of consciousness and awareness where we are unable to lie to ourselves about certain issues can be painful, yet very clarifying. If you're still moving through something of the sort, stay the course and continue to heal.

The Sun moved into the sign of Taurus which normally poses a very grounding, practical and sensory influence - Taurus as a sign is very resistant to change and this Taurus season will be full of change and more change, starting off with a bang this Monday with Uranus, agent of change, coming into a conjunction at the third degree of Taurus. This Taurus season will allow you to dissolve any impediment to surrendering and allowing the changes to happen. Some of these days may be difficult and at the same time, looking at the astrology ahead, we are going to be supported in a lot of ways as well. With the South Node in Capricorn, the trap this Taurus season is falling into poverty consciousness or materialism- holding on as opposed to letting go will only result in further resistance.

Venus moved into Aries on Saturday, out of the Pisces fog and into a brief deep breath before it moves into a conjunction with Chiron like Mercury did last week and the Sun did on the Spring Equinox on March 20th. This is creating a "charge ahead" atmosphere - we may feel compelled to initiate and find our own independence within our lives. It may not be in our best interest to act blindly or without taking a pause and thinking- Venus will come up against some challenging players and our mistrust in love, impediments to receiving and our attachment wounding within relationships of all kinds will come up for review. This is not something to fear- as Venus in Aries would do, be curious and step boldly forward.

On Monday, the agent of change Uranus is going to forge a conjunction to the Sun in Taurus- bringing a major foundation shift along with a change in the way we are viewing ourselves. Notice the ways that your self-concept is changing. This also has to do with looking at what is really important to us - what we find value in. This week, it's appropriate to expect the unexpected.

On Tuesday, Venus in Aries will be making its first aspect to Chiron in Aries- bringing up ways that perhaps we have some issues sharing our authentic self with the world. We are changing on fundamental levels and if you look around you and look within you, you'll notice that the change is happening rapidly. Quantum growth and leaps are available to us during times where we feel less than perfect and less than complete.

Wednesday, Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn- an opportunity to really dive deeply to find our inner personal power. This is the time truly more than ever to do our own spiritual and psychological growth work. We are being asked by our environment to strengthen - to grow stronger - and part of that is to work and part of that is to relax and to be. The moon will move into Capricorn so our eyes will be focused on outer security, but what we are working on now more than ever is inner security. The moon in Capricorn as it crosses over Saturn, Pluto and the South Node on Thursday may bring some resistance in our outer environment and some red tape as it relates to our work projects.

Friday, the moon comes into Aquarius bringing with it a breath of fresh air! This transit is going to be felt with a light heart and a good sense of humor as well as an ability to draw up into a birds eye view to see things from many perspectives.

On Saturday, Mars in Gemini poses a confusing square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is where it's important to watch your triggers, watch your projections, watch your motives, mind your thoughts and actions. This is where lying to ourselves and others becomes easier and the next right action becomes more nebulous. This is an intensely creative aspect and our inner escapist may come out.

Enjoy your week! Find the blessing and the meaning. For a personal and private reading, click the "book online" tab.

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