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Horoscope for the week of 4.15 - 4.21 || express yourself before you wreck yourself *full moon in Li

Greetings loves! I hope you had an awesome weekend. 

This past week was pretty interesting - we're riding out the dream with Venus and Neptune conjunct in Pisces last week- delusions are strong with the amount of Pisces energy we've had the past few months, so a growth opportunity would be to look at the practical. Jupiter stationed retrograde, slowing down the reel of opportunities and giving us a moment to pause and reflect, connecting to higher wisdom - the kind that is found on the inside. 

The Sun in Aries made a few squares last week that really stood out to me as significant- to Saturn in Capricorn, putting us up against our authority issues and the way that shows up as systems and patriarchal figures around us- this aspect can make us feel limited or that the amount of work we have before us is insurmountable, when really it's astrological alignment that is wired to bring up any issues of unworthiness- especially with the Suns square to Pluto asking that we transform in the face of adversity, we should feel pretty strong after last week. The Sun in Aries has a bit of an impulsive bend, squaring the not-so-impulsive South Node in Capricorn and North Node in Cancer - with the North Node in cancer, we are begging the question of what feels good right now? What is going to continue to feel good in the long term? How can I take care of myself as I dismantle the webbing that being a person in society has created? 

On Monday, Venus in Pisces will make a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, stationed retrograde. We really want to see things with clear eyes on Monday, with the moon in Virgo that'll be a little easier for us. The Venus-Jupiter square may cause us to feel a little bit lackadaisical, perhaps a little bit lazy- I generally think that's okay every once in a while. As always, it's important for us to filter these transits through our own tendencies! 

On Wednesday, Mercury moves into Aries and we finally get to close the old book and blaze a new trail! This will feel fun, fresh and rejuvenating as our mind can focus on new beginnings! Venus is still finishing up in Pisces, so there is still possibility to perpetuate certain patterns that don't serve us because we're romanticizing them. Mercury in Aries is fast and fierce- conversation becomes quick and sans filter. The moon moves into Libra as well, highlighting the dynamic of the self versus the other. We may feel pulled apart by the expectations or demands of other people or we could feel isolated and alone and in need of human companionship. These issues will begin to come up - the boundary issues that you may have and everything. The key with this energy is to center first- drawing into the core of your being to decide what it is that you want- considering the North Node in Cancer question of "what is the best self-care for me in this situation?" where we put harmony over our truth will not hold up in court!

On Friday is the second full moon in Libra! The first was on March 20th, the spring equinox, and was opposing the Sun and Chiron in Aries, highlighting the wounds to our ego and who we are and the way that plays into our relationships. This time, Mercury will be conjunct Chiron which gives us a similar but different feeling- the wounds that come up with Chiron conj Mercury in Aries are related to our intelligence level and how we express ourselves- this is a little bit of a self-conscious energy to work with on the full moon. Every reminder, every flare-up, every trigger we face out in the world is an opportunity to heal even further. This may bring up a throat chakra issue if that already exists. This full moon will likely cause a lot of things to make sense for us about the future of where we're going and the future of our relationships. The moon will move into Scorpio immediately after becoming full and the moon in Scorpio takes on a darker, more emotional flavor- it's easy to jump to conclusions about people and situations, acting from that wounded place rather from an empowered or whole place. The high side of transiting moon in Scorpio is that it always asks that we transform something - a difficult emotion can be alchemized by beauty, truth and meaning, borrowing a page from the book of Libra. 

On Sunday, the moon moves into Sagittarius which takes our emotional mind out of the gutter and out of the darkness and into the light, onto the horizon. We may be a little bit more optimistic, feeling a little lighter, more expansive and more open to whatever is next. This is a great moon transit for a weekend day- Sagittarius is lots of fun. Very creative, very spiritual, incredibly curious. 

Hope that you all have an awesome rest of your day! To request a personal and private reading, hit the link in my bio : )

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