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Horoscope for the week of 4.8 - 4.14 || to burn and rise or to not burn and not rise

Good morning sweet starseeds and earth angels! I hope that you are all doing well. Last week was personally a little bit wild so I was unable to write about it, but the transits and movements of the planets were off the chart. The South Node/Pluto conjunction signified a great collective release while the new moon in Aries which squared the new moon eclipse in Capricorn we had in January- taking the ultimate stand into who we are and what we need based on who we are. This is ultimately, for the duration of Aries season, especially with Chiron there, more about us than the relationships around us.

Also last week, Mercury came over Neptune again for the last time this cycle. The Leo King, David Palmer, said "to know what to expect when Mercury is right on top of Neptune with Venus there too is arrogant. The smartest and most spiritual of people during this time realize they know nothing." Surprises abound under skies like these- expect the "out of left field" option and be mindful not to get side-swiped by delusions as delusions are still high right now.

Tuesday, the moon moves into the cerebral and restless sign of Gemini and will move on top of Mars in Gemini. Sometimes when the moon crosses Mars we can find ourselves to be a little bit more irritable than normal- under the sign of Gemini, we just want to be careful of where our thoughts take us, making sure we take a moment to deliberately express certain things. Repressing our expression with the moon and Mars in Gemini won't be good for us later in the week.

Mercury in Pisces, aka our logical thought still being in the ocean so-to-speak, will make a healing trine to the North Node in Cancer. This North Node placement wants to make sure that first and foremost, despite everything else in the sky telling us to do the opposite, we want to make choices now that are going to fulfill us emotionally. This trine aspect that is being made will forge healing that comes through the vehicle of communication with others, especially those that we're close to. If we do choose to express whatever our truth is in a kind, loving and compassionate way (the blessing of a Piscean sky) then we will be supported in that.

Wednesday is a big day and there will definitely be some of this that is felt earlier and later in the week, sort of with Wednesday as a peak day energetically. Venus in exaltation in Pisces will be moving over Neptune in Pisces, enhancing either radical compassion, spiritual connectivity within relationships and romance and heightened creativity that seems to come from some higher place, -OR- Wednesday could feed into whatever delusion we are choosing to hold onto. Those are the two ways this Pisces energy could play out.

Jupiter is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius, its home sign, on Wednesday as well. The opportunities that come up ideally would be given a second glance especially with so many Pisces placements. Make sure that you're being honest with yourself during this alignment because the lies we tell to ourselves are the biggest delusions of all! Connecting more frequently to whatever Higher Power you ascribe to will be so useful during this time as we reflect on the opportunities and the manifestations we've experienced so far.

Another major player in this game, Saturn in Capricorn (in its home sign- noticing a theme?) which is not too far from Pluto or the South Node indicating heavy release and fall of systems of personal and collective power. These players in Capricorn are all asking that we look at the way our society works and the way that it is reflected in our own individual lives and can we choose differently (North Node in Cancer) and choose in a way that demonstrates internal authority and self-care (Chiron in Aries) to support the new world that we are growing into and laying the foundation for?

Saturn in Capricorn will be highly aspected both by the Sun in Aries in a tense square aspect as well as Mercury in Pisces softening the blow. Remember that the Sun in Aries is our vital life force, our power, our ability to take what we need to preserve who we are. Saturn is the taskmaster, especially in Capricorn. This square will posit a tension between us and the authority, even if it is the inner parent. Under this kind of planetary alignment, it is easy for us to feel unworthy, to feel that we are not working hard enough. Feeling good, feeling worthy, feeling whole- these are our birthrights! Don't let any authority take that away from you. This aspect also brings the need for patience- for us to understand that there are kinks in our parents armor. The positive aspect from Mercury in Pisces invites in a radical compassion for ourselves and others, especially with Venus conjunct Neptune, also in Pisces. This is like refined sugar combined with raw sugar with some honey on top. Just be mindful that in the discomfort we can face in life that you don't find yourself escaping, even if it is into the stories of your mind. Resolve whatever needs to be resolved here and have patience with yourself and others. Under this sky, you'll want to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Thursday, the moon will move into Cancer, giving us the opportunity to draw into our private space away, to feel and create from the heart. The North Node being here gives that Cancer energy is something that we want to strive toward, which means taking breaks and time for holding space for ourselves and others and making choices that reflect self-care.

Friday this moon in Cancer will come over the North Node, which does open up a glimpse of what will happen if we continue to lovingly parent and nurture ourselves. Each time the North Node and the moon come together in the sky, we get a glimpse of destiny and the way that we can best use this energy to our own advantage.

Mercury in Pisces will be squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius (that just stationed retrograde) which highlights the very Alice-in-Wonderland themed energy we have going on these days. This is where we can get fed into the delusion, where we can majorly escape the moment, missing big changes in our lives because we weren't present in the slightest. This is a good time to plug back into your body more than ever, because with this sign combination and with Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is some magic to be experienced if we don't run away from it all but don't necessarily entertain every thought we have either.

Friday, the Sun in Aries will square the North Node of the moon in Cancer and the South Node of the moon in Capricorn. This honestly looks like a war between our teenage ego, our mother and our father, except that all of these figures have been internalized. I personally feel as though the patriarchy benefits from us being at war with ourselves. Thursday is a day to seek integration and wholeness- being mindful of our rebellious or perhaps selfish desires with the Sun in Aries, being mindful of our parental and societal programming with Saturn in Capricorn and heading toward the North star or the North Node in Cancer, doing what is best for ourselves emotionally and each other in the long run. We are playing the long game now- asking the question of "what is going to make me feel good emotionally a year from now?" is a good question to get in the habit of asking under this planetary alignment.

Also on Friday, Venus in Pisces makes a positive aspect toward Saturn in Capricorn, which is where we can actually find a nice reality check waiting for us. We can also feel a desire to commit more to the beautiful and loving things of this world. Lies to self and others won't be permitted morally under a sky like this- let's just say we're on a tight leash for the moment.

Saturday, the Sun in Aries will be making a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and honestly, this can sometimes look like deep tension emotionally. Under square aspects to Pluto, our stuff can come up and it can be messy. I realize that some of the energy of the week is kind of harsh and challenging, that our egos will have to be minimized in order for us to make it through, that we will be sorting through issues of power and control. All the more reason to continue to have major compassion for ourselves and others- to work with Cancer energy. Lean in the compassionate and nurturing direction with Venus in Pisces softening this by aspecting the North node in Cancer. The moon will move into Leo- where I would like to invite you to use creativity to alchemize pain and to find the Divine.

Sunday will pull us into a more optimistic, happier place as the Sun in Aries will positively aspect Jupiter in Sagittarius. This looks like us seeing the light a little bit, especially with the moon coming into create a grand fire trine, bringing us what we need to feel lighter, a little bit more spontaneous and after this week, I'd be surprised if you didn't feel quite liberated from older, more retired ways of being.

Enjoy this weeks energy!!! Don't waste it <3


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