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Horoscope for the week of March 18 - March 24 || new life, but wait!

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I hope the last week was awesome for you- personally, I feel like last week did everyone some good. Sometimes, it's time to coast and sometimes, it's time for transformation and I very much feel like last week was grounding and emotionally clearing for me and everyone I've talked to- clients, friends, etc. This week upcoming is very big in a lot of ways- we get closer to our new beginning with the Spring Equinox and the advancement of the Sun into Aries- new life is right around the corner. The only thing I want you guys to keep in mind as the gusts of wind come in is that Mercury is still stationing retrograde in Pisces and we can still coast for a little longer- we can still move downstream. 

Tuesday, the moon moves into Virgo, edging closer to Aries season. Think of the last day of Pisces season with this  exact Virgo full moon as a final purge of old before you come into spring. On March 19th, the day before the equinox and Aries season commences, let go and surrender for best results. Body, mind, soul, spirit- what is serving you and what isn't? Pierce through the delusions and illusions and get ready to cut to the chase because Wednesday carries that energy. 

The Sun stampedes into Aries on March 20th, the Spring Equinox, which brings a celebration of new life, new opportunities, new prospects, new ideas, new directions, new ways. The Sun will move right into a full moon on the very first degree of Aries and Libra. This is a moment where certain ideas and initiatives will click. We will feel more active and inspired, even primitive. Self-preservation is on the table with the Sun in Aries, but the full moon in Libra begs inquiry into how we're balancing the energies of our life. The Virgo moon will draw our awareness back to our body, back to the present and the Libra full moon will illuminate and make really bright some of the ways we could be more in balance. 

Also on Wednesday, supporting and bolstering some of the full moon energies, we have Mars in Taurus making a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn which is grounding and a little bit intense. I feel that this serves as a reminder that we are physical creatures who have physical needs and if things don't work in this physical reality, it's not for us right now. I believe Wednesday will be exceptionally clarifying. Also on Wednesday, Mercury in Pisces will make a sextile aspect to Saturn in Capricorn, which is where we come up to bat with our limited beliefs about the life we can have. We're coming into some pretty delicious possibility this week and of course, our limiting beliefs come up in spaciousness- pay attention to that and thank it and let it go because you'll want to step into some of these potentials without the fear of success and power holding you hostage. 

On Thursday, Venus in Aquarius is going to square Mars in Taurus. This square is going to increase tension and strain in our relationships, specifically the dichotomy between being committed (to anything) and being free. Venus in Aquarius commands freedom, excitement, unconventionality and spontaneity whereas Mars in Taurus finds it a little bit easy to get into potential ruts (generally speaking). With squares, it's good to go with how you feel in the moment, being aware of when you want to leave and you want to stay and following that. This will be a day where triggers and passion could be shaken up which could be a good thing ultimately, especially with faithful Jupiter in Sagittarius posing a sextile to Venus in Aquarius- things are looking brighter ahead. The moon moves into Libra which really fits this jovial, social happy energy that Thursday provides. 

On Friday, Mars in Taurus will give us the stability we need to feel our feelings as it reaches out to the North Node in Cancer. The body keeps the score for emotional issues and trauma and Friday could be a great day to release and unlock some of the nonbeneficial bodily patterns- especially as the wounded healer Chiron in Aries comes into a conjunction with the Sun in Aries which can bring some wounding/healing to who we are, who we have become. Friday brings a huge potential as well to look back on how far you've come. 

On Saturday, the moon moves into Scorpio putting us in an intense configuration- the Sun and the Moon both being ruled by Mars. On Saturday, we want to be really mindful of our unconscious actions- sometimes those triggers are closer to the surface than we may realize so it's a really good day to go inside and examine that. 

Sunday, we close out the week in creative and dreamy fashion with Mercury in Pisces, still stationing retrograde, making a conjunction to dreamy Neptune- it may be hard to get anything done in the actual real world but it's a great day to lose yourself in creative or mystical pursuits. 

Enjoy your week! <3 M 

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