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Horoscope for the week of March 11 - March 17 || aspects of self in others

Grand rising earth angels and loved ones! I hope you are all having an awesome Monday morning so far. We're in a pretty interesting space right now with a bunch of energy that was stirred up last week so that we can look at certain things and revisit, renew before we let them go for the final time to step into the whole new world to be in.

Last week was full of Pisces energy with the new moon in Pisces, Mercury stationed retrograde at the very last degree of Pisces, all pulling us toward extracting the meaning and the lesson and potentially getting lost in the water or the fog. Uranus ingressed into Taurus which is a very big transit that alters the way that we are going to view money, alters our security and our foundations as well as our perception of our resources- all of these things are going to rapidly change and probably already have. I wrote about this on my blog post prior, so if you're interested to know how this will affect your sign specifically, you can check it out!

This week is a pretty supportive, tame week which means that it's time for us to re-center and re-integrate, reforming and refining our intentions to make them match more where we are at this moment.

Tuesday, tomorrow, the moon moves into the sign of Gemini which will cause us to be a little bit mentally busy and also forges a square to the Sun in Pisces. The Sun is in the water, focusing on things usually beyond the concept of human understanding, integrating things that have caused us pain or our family or friends while the moon in Gemini is highly analytical and mentally busy. We can struggle to make a decision when this configuration appears.

On Wednesday, we have the Sun in Pisces sextiling Pluto in Capricorn and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a very interesting day because it sort of draws my awareness back to December when Pisces-Sagittarius squares were really prominent. Think about where you were in December emotionally and the progress you've made now- if you can, write it down. This is an aspect that, even though Jupiter is a lucky planet and is in its home sign, can cause us to have some delusion about our place in the world and where we're going with this. I think Pluto is our one foot on the ground in this configuration, supporting the Sun in Pisces. Pluto represents our darkness, what we bury and what we hide- there may be some hidden motive or desire in your actions on Wednesday- if you're in the business of dismantling unconscious programs, this is the day to really face that stuff with support.

On Thursday, Mercury in Pisces makes a really positive aspect to the North Node in Cancer. Mercury stationed retrograde last week so we are currently in a reviewing phase- perhaps reviewing some tough lessons we've had to face. This year is all about shattering delusions and illusions with heavy Neptunian aspects and themes forming almost each week which thickens and thins the veil, creating a dynamic of falling asleep and waking back up. The North Node in Cancer or the destiny provoking emotional awareness and intelligence favors self-compassion as the ultimate weapon- warding off demons within and without by softening and allowing, forgiving ourselves for all of the times we may have fallen short. This will be a natural feeling we won't have to strive for and may come through others reflecting our essence back to us.

Also on Thursday, the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct so our minds will be busy, remembering that neither the Sun or Mercury really favor being in the sign of Pisces- it's an energy that is directionless, going everywhere and nowhere. It's okay to not currently have a direction or to understand where the rebirth is- Pisces as a sign asks and receives, so tap into this energy for help from the Universe. Last week, I was having a little bit of a challenging time emotionally as I was temporarily swallowed up in the collective soup of suffering and the human experience. I cried out for my angels and guidance and what I perceive God to be to hold me and support me in creating a shift and later that evening, I experienced the shift with a good friend. This is how it works- ask and believe and you shall receive.

To add to this already cosmic and healing energy, Mars in Taurus will positively aspect Saturn in Capricorn, bringing in a grounded, pragmatic and realistic flavor. This day is the everything bagel with cream cheese- I could see all kinds of endeavors spontaneously working out on Thursday and there being a very spacious energy to create whatever we want- healing, work advancement or productivity- what we seek is seeking us on Thursday.

Friday offers a time to truly be seen and heard with the Sun in Pisces following Mercury's lead and forging a trine to the North Node in Cancer. This is a day where we should really pour into and take care of ourselves, especially as the moon moves into Cancer potentially stirring emotions and making us feel more inward. We can wait to be seen by others or we can put in the effort to see ourselves.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces forges a square aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius which may add to the scattered nature of our brains on Friday if that is our natural tendency. When you're reading a horoscope, it's important to pass whatever you're reading through your own inner knowing and pass things through your own inner tendencies. For me, I tend to be obsessive about the details, so I know that this square will bring up perhaps new pathways or expansive directions to take. For those who struggle to stay on task or stay with things, losing track of the details easily, you may want to keep a list. The passive and magickal side, the yin & the divine feminine side will win us over on Friday.

On Saturday, Mercury retrograde in Pisces will sextile Pluto in Capricorn which can present as being triggered by an oppressive authority figure from the past. I say this because as Mercury forges all of these aspects, we're made to go inward and face these different aspects of ourselves. Pluto in Capricorn, a long-term transit, asks that we take our power back and so sometimes, the best way for the Universe to conspire around you to take your power back is by reminding you of times in life where you were powerless. This is a gentle aspect, so it may be a situation that you've already conquered coming back one last time for a lot of us to see if we've really transformed the issues we have around power and authority.

Sunday, following that same idea forward, Mercury making a sextile aspect to Mars in Taurus could look like us being reminded, in a gentle and intentional way, to face the parts of us that stayed in a situation too long due to some kind of existential inertia or holding on when we could have or should have been letting go. Forgiving ourselves for taking that time- forgiving ourselves for being a-motivational and sleepy during this beautiful Pisces season. The moon moves into Leo which does square Mars in Taurus so we may feel pulled apart or pulled in different directions- moon transits happen pretty quickly so this will form and then quickly move off.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you'd like a personal or private reading, I have some openings in the next week for tarot and astrology- follow the booking link on my page to see what times I have available and I look forward to connecting with you <3


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