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The Complex Astrology of March 5-6 || new moon in Pisces, merc rx, Uranus in Taurus

Two blogs, one day! Greetings loved ones and earth angels and starseeds and all of the like. I hope you guys are having an awesome Monday night in anticipation of this new energy.

Tomorrow, Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces until March 28th at the very last degree of Pisces- this is a long Mercury retrograde planet. When a planet stations retrograde it simply means that the planet in space is moving away from us and looks as though it's moving backwards from our reference point of earth.

Mercury rules over communication, intellect, work ethic and the logical mind. This is very much the stuff that we value in this society. We expect so much of ourselves in the daily grind. When Mercury stations retrograde, some of the technologies, ways of thinking and communications we've found ourselves in over the course of time come back up for review and reflection. Traditionally, this is seen as not a great time to travel or to start new work initiatives, take new jobs or start new relationships but I do feel like life doesn't stop because the planets are moving in a certain way- just make sure to really sit with decisions before they're made. Notice the illusions (Pisces) that you may be facing, from self, others or systems of power and institution.

Mercury doesn't typically enjoy to be in Pisces- we can expect our logical mind to not function as it normally does in favor of our intuition taking over. The felt, subjective and intuitive will be ruling the roost. It's important not to take things personally during this transit.

This brings up another very important point about Pisces season in general- specifically this Pisces season. Chiron recently moved into Aries to stay and has finished up in the last few degrees of Pisces over the last few months where we were really forced to let go of certain things that were no longer serving us so that we can rediscover who we are and what makes us tick specifically. In November-December, Mars moved through the sign of Pisces and we really faced the sadness and the illusion as well as perhaps a challenging time getting stuff done or off the ground. That same energy is now playing out with the Sun in Pisces- sort of a directionless energy. And now, the moon will be entering into Pisces tomorrow alongside Neptune (a slow-orbiting boundary blurring influence) we have the opportunity for some real healing to arise. This new moon on Wednesday will really highlight the same story of how we deal with difficult emotions and the suffering of others and the collective - the illusions that we use to distract ourselves or escape- and could also be a mainline to the Divine with heightened manifestations and a true emotional release- it will be what you make it.

Uranus is moving into Taurus on Wednesday after being in Aries for quite some time. Uranus was in Aries from March of 2011 to May of 2018, really refining our personality, waking up the masses and asking that we bring our higher Selves down to us moving forward. People were waking up to higher-order spiritual truths as the ego became completely deconstructed through the square that was being forged to Pluto in Capricorn during that time. Uranus shifted into Taurus in May 2018- Uranus likes to change and shake up whatever it touches, for better or for worse. Taurus is a sign that is naturally more resistant to change- and that resistance and holding on as opposed to letting go on personal, societal and collective levels will no longer hold up in court. On August 8th, this foundation-shifting influence stationed retrograde, causing us to majorly question the things that we value in our life while also forging square aspects to Mercury retrograde in Leo on the same day that the lions gate portal opened as well as Mars stationing retrograde in Aquarius with the South Node- just crazy energy that you can't make up. Uranus then moved into Aries in its retrograde, once again testing the where-with-all of our new higher Self personality. Now, our personal task is to refine and to redefine how we feel about our security, our bodies, our foundation and our relationship with this planet.

Sign by sign:

Taurus: Uranus for you has been shaking up the part of the chart that has to do with etheric realms, other time-space realities and the silent stirs of solitude and intuition. You may have found your intuition blossoming at an alarming rate over the last seven years. Your identity is going to completely shift over the next seven years with Uranus moving into Taurus. This healing new moon in Pisces is going to have you feeling wholly supported by your friend group and community and you'll be feeling connected to the oneness and the collective. You should applaud yourself if you've done any healing of social anxiety over the past few months or years.

Gemini: Uranus for you has been shaking up the part of the sky for you that has to do with friendships and the community from which you operate. You may have drastically shifted your expectations and wants and wishes out of friends. Uranus in Taurus then shifts into the part of the sky that has to do with the collective unconscious, so you can expect to wake up and begin to feel and experience new solitary, mystical things. This healing new moon will sweep through your house of career matters- your career has been shifting and you're beginning to see the point of this major metamorphosis your career is taking.

Cancer: For the past seven years, Uranus in Aries has been sparking your career, causing you to completely redirect where you're moving and the direction you see your career and legacy taking. Uranus will shift into the part of the sky for you that has to do with friendships, so expect to shift in what you expect out of friends, inviting in new social and community experiences and holding opportunity and heightened manifestations. This new moon is going to be a healing sweep in the part of the chart for you that has to do with your beliefs and ideals, the way that you feel about God which has been consistently changing.

Leo: Uranus has been completely shifting the way that you believe about the world for the last seven years as it has moved through Aries and will shift into Taurus, giving you the ability to turn these beliefs and new mindset or thoughts on spiritual source into something that could potentially be profitable - some of the changes that have happened on a mental level will be made physical. This healing new moon is going to cause you to dive deeply beneath the surface, perhaps even reviewing or unveiling previously unseen triggers so if you have a therapist, Wednesday is a good day to get into your feelings.

Virgo: Uranus in Aries has been really digging up buried emotional baggage and hidden traumas - Uranus has had its way with you and now will shift into Taurus which for you is in a more optimistic place- you can take your deep inner experiences and turn them into beliefs. This is also going to bring new spiritual experiences that are unexpected and give new opportunities for travel. This healing new moon will come in and completely change the way that you view relationships and could provide healing in some way to the parts of you that have been damaged or broken by other people.

Libra: Uranus in Aries has been really shaking up your house of partnership for the past seven years. Certain people that you thought you could depend on, surprise love and surprise endings to love are common when Uranus orbits the seventh house. Now Uranus moves into Taurus occupying the deep space at the basement level of your psyche, pulling things out that perhaps may have been repressed. This is an excellent time to forge a relationship with a therapist or a healer who can assist you and help you when things come up, as they do. This healing new moon may bring a physical release to it- things that get bound up in the body and immune system issues perhaps coming to an end. Pay attention to your physical body on Wednesday and what it needs from you.

Scorpio: Uranus has been moving through your house of every day mundane life- the errands, the foods you eat, your health and being of service- which may make scheduling life rather challenging as unexpected changes become a daily expectation and occurrence. Uranus will move into your house of partnership where new surprise love or surprise change in your relationships may occur over the next seven years- a slow change over time of what you want and appreciate out of your partners as well. This healing new moon will be occurring in a part of the chart for you that is very symbolic of play and divine inner child- so it's great to spend time with your inner child on this new moon.

Sagittarius: Uranus has been moving through your house of romance, children and play for the past seven years, really highlighting surprise pregnancies, surprise romantic flings and just a really fun and exciting time with a very fertile and divine imagination and sense of wonder and joy. Now, Uranus will move into Taurus and so for the next seven years, expect the unexpected to come up as it relates to every day mundane matters. This healing new moon will sweep through your house of home, family and the emotional experience so expect to feel a little bit more inward and know that it's perfectly okay even for a movement-oriented Sagittarian person to be in their feelings for one day.

Capricorn: Uranus has been moving through your house of home and family- I've been having this transit and I've moved 7 times in the last seven years. This also gives a massive re-calibration to the emotions and the feelings- perspective and a healthy detachment can be given toward our emotional experiences as well. Uranus will now move into Taurus which for you will herald seven years of surprise play, potential for surprise pregnancy especially if that's not what you're going for and surprise romance is certainly afoot as well. This healing new moon is going to show up for you in the form of communication breakthroughs as well as the way that you speak to yourself inside of your own head. Expect this to soften you a little bit.

Aquarius: Uranus or the last seven years has been rapidly changing your way of thinking, communicating and moving about your world. As it shifts into Taurus, you can expect your home life to change in unexpected ways over the next seven years. Some people move a lot during this transit and you can expect to become a little bit more detached about the emotional experience and how you'll feel about that depends on the way you personally process emotions. The healing new moon will sweep through your house of finances so it's a good time to take inventory and take stock of how your body, your bank account and your house are doing while cleraing the excess so you can plant new seeds moving forward.

Pisces: Uranus has been moving through your house of personal finance, creating a pendulum or seesaw effect in terms of the money coming and and going out, amplifying any major poverty consciousness constructs that you have so that they can be released with love. Uranus for the next seven years will move through your house of communication and thought, so you can expect surprise breakthroughs in communication and opportunities to rewire your thoughts. This healing new moon will come into a place that's very central to the nebulousness of who you are so embrace this dreamy and foggy energy as you understand it better than any of us.

Aries: You've been massively changing the core of your being over the last seven years. Seven years is enough time for all of the old cells to die off and new ones to be created in its place, demonstrating succinctly the plasticity of the human brain and its ability to make connections. Now, Uranus will move into your house of finances and self-worth, so you can expect windfalls and famines, an increased understanding of poverty consciousness so you can clear that collective program as well as a new understanding of security as something that comes from within. The new moon in Pisces will heal your subconscious mind- you may feel really low energy but that's okay because the work for you is going on behind the scenes.

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