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Horoscope for the week of March 4 - March 10 || it's a strange, new world

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I'm realizing this week and last week how watery and Piscean the energy is- I feel a little bit like I'm asleep at the wheel or that wake-life and dream-life have somehow merged together. This energy in my opinion is not easy for some of us to move through- this life calls for us to always be "on" - to be multitasking at baseline, not stopping to create, play or pause in silent reflection. The last few degrees of Pisces that the Sun is moving through, Mercury will be stationing retrograde back through and Venus will soon move through is all about feeling the collective suffering- the weight that we all carry and being willing to share those greater burdens with a community of physical and non-physical allies. Pisces season really calls for that as we can yearn for a way to escape from this reality, especially if you're a Piscean person (like me).

Last week, Venus took an epic journey. Venus is the player of love and receiving, allowing, the dance of holding on and letting go, what your values are- she met up in Capricorn (perhaps a harsher sign, more honest about the stark realities of the world) with Saturn, the ultimate authority figure, the father of time and with Pluto, the destroyer, the fixator, the death that heralds new life. Finally, she met up wtih the South Node of the Moon to cut the cords to past lovers who no longer fulfill their purpose or role and drifted off into Aquarius in a leisurely way. Venus in Aquarius has realized that if we can't be free and liberated while in the context of our relationship, we don't want it. A lot of couples emerge from Venus in Aquarius transits with a high amount of personal freedom between them.

Tuesday, March 5th and Wednesday, March 6th are the two biggest days of this month. I'm writing a separate blog entirely outlining the detailed events of the significance of these two days that will be out later tonight or tomorrow.

Mercury is currently at the last degree of Pisces, that place where the feelings are heightened and that brings forth creative energy, edging slowly toward the first degree of Aries which is the actual rebirth itself and the ability to create a-new. However, Mercury is going to station retrograde on Tuesday. Mercury is the ruler of communication, hard work, learning, language, thought and intellect. This is what our society directly values and appreciates. Mercury as an archetype does not prefer to be in Pisces because Pisces is the dream realm, the undoing, the space between death and birth- this brings up the potential for some miscommunications, prolonged endings and feeling heightened in sensitivity in communication. Technology can go haywire, but life doesn't really stop - I like to think of Mercury retrograde stations as just trying to allow, reflect and move downstream while not taking anything personally. People put up a mirror for us when the energy is Piscean.

Speaking of which, the moon moves into Pisces which means that the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the moon will be occupying the space for the impending new moon on Wednesday. This new moon in Pisces offers a great deal of healing if you're ready to receive it. This new moon increases and amplifies our deepest subconscious and collective yearnings - this is a really good time to ask your spirit allies on the other side to come wash everything away so that you can really begin everything new and fresh come Aries season. Chiron recently left the very last degree of Pisces, so it's almost like new players but the same story. Check in with any areas of yourself that may be bound up to a certain scenario that keeps playing out over and over again like a russian doll. Pay attention and ask that these karmic records that are on repeat to cease once and for all. The Sun, Neptune and the new moon are all going to be on the very same degree on Wednesday- it can be as healing of a sweep as you want it to be and as you intend it to be.

On Wednesday as well, Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus. I'll be writing about this in greater depth shortly and for each sign so you can see which part of your life is about to rapidly change (ha-ha!) and the significant impact that this has on global issues, the earth, money and our understanding of security, especially of the material variety. Wednesday will feel like a whole new world to be in.

Friday, the moon moves into the sign of Aries, bringing a little bit of fire back into the equation. It will positively aspect Jupiter on Saturday and will create a buoyant, spontaneous and perhaps even a little bit impulsive emotional feeling. With all of the energy in Pisces, we're not quite out of the gate yet, so look before you leap and make sure that your actions are coming from a conscious rather than a deeply subconscious place.

Saturday, the Sun in Pisces makes a healing sextile aspect to Saturn in Capricorn- Pisces season feels soupy and full of ideas and possibilities while also very foggy and confusing - this aspect from the Sun to Saturn gives us a gentle opportunity to ground any work we've been doing, operating on the law of correspondence: as above, so below.

Sunday, a similar aspect takes place between Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. This will give us a really great ability to ground our creative impulses and feelings, especially as the moon moves into Taurus. The moon loves to be in Taurus and feels very happy, stable and secure- it will come over Uranus at the first degree of Taurus which can be experienced as a momentary jolt of high energy and momentum- use it.

Hope you all have a lovely week! Click the "bookings" link on my page to book with me if you're a little confused by the energy of this present time lol. <3 <3 M

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