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Horoscope for the week of 2.25 - 3.3 || the future is now

Grand rising earth angels and starseeds! I hope you are all doing well and recovering from the unique and surprising planetary energies of last week. Just a quick recap:

Monday ushered in Pisces season, meaning that we're almost to the end of winter and are advised to continue to let go of what we need to let go of- releasing the last of the things that are holding you back from snapping into action on March 20th, the first day of Aries season, spring, where we are planting new seeds. Also Monday, Chiron, wounded-healer dwarf planet, moved into Aries which carries the energy of self-preservation through challenging lessons. We all need to remember in each moment to take care of ourselves how we best can, sorting through any identity issues pertaining to us specifically.

The full moon in Virgo last week was very healing and illuminating- showing us how we can really ground in all of the changes that have been occurring in the sky and in our lives, with the assist from Mars in Taurus. This was sort of a gentle, "hey don't forget about your physical body!" which is something Chiron in Aries is also urging us not to forget about. It's a really good barometer for how well you're taking care of yourself and how you treat yourself!

Venus took a very interesting journey that continues on through this week- Monday, Venus and Saturn came into a close conjunction which adds a sense of discernment for those who need it in their relationships - we've seen a lot of relationships ending in the past month because so much has shifted that certain people just don't fit together like they used to. This is okay- where this got a little dicey for some of my clients is remembering their worthiness of being loved and appreciated, something that is hard to do when Venus conjuncts Saturn. Maybe continue to plug those affirmations as the week continues to remind yourself on all levels how worthy you are of being loved.

Last Friday, Venus moved over Pluto in Capricorn as well which is a highly transformational conjunction- really showing us where we can get fixated, obsessed and overwhelmed in our relationships and even our friendships. This is where our viewpoint on love, dating and even friendships can potentially become pessimistic and dark- which really isn't doing anyone any favors. This has been leading up to a conjunction this week of Venus to the karmic South Node, indicating a big release of all of the bullsh*t that binds us in with certain people and not with others, letting go of past-life and ancestral programs of unworthiness and not enoughness. Venus ultimately has to do with taking up space and receiving, so this week release anything that holds you back from that (or start the process now).

The week after this one is HUGE - just to jump ahead a little bit we'll have Mercury retrograde in Pisces on March 5th which is traditionally where the technology around us seems to stop working around us and travel is not recommended by traditional astrologers. I have a different take on this - we live in an obsessively Mercurial world. Mercury rules over things like transportation, logic, data, technology, movement, multitasking, using the left brain, etc- we ask these functions of ourselves day in, day out, all the time so I honestly like to think of Mercury retrograde as a forced opportunity to go inward instead of drawing the focus into the outward and the logical. Mercury is stationing retrograde in Pisces so communication can be a little bit foggy- make sure people understand you when you are sharing important information and as always, try not to take anything personally. Give people a break. Pisces has to do with interconnectedness of every living, breathing being- we'll be given many opportunities over this retrograde cycle to really see each other in that way as having the same fears and the same wants and desires.

Uranus will also move into Taurus on March 6th which is going to be HUGE and will probably write my own separate blog post about that.

Moving onto this actual week's events..

Tuesday is the big Venus-South Node conjunction in Capricorn- letting go of old ways of being in relationships, letting go of old patterns of feeling unworthy or feeling not enough, letting go of people who keep you locked into those patterns- Venus is making a breakthrough on Tuesday which should open up suppressed creative channels wide open as well as give us a new, healthy sense of self-worth through which all things are possible.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury in Pisces (in shadow preparing for its retrograde dance) is going to be positively aspecting the North Node in Cancer which in my opinion is really softening the blow of the Venus-South Node conjunction. We're basically getting a lot of healing messages from those around us, a lot of confirmation and affirmation in our each and every day lives. This offers healing and fated breakthroughs in communication with those who support you releasing and relinquishing any harmful and negative patterns. The moon moves into Sagittarius as well which will give us that sense of optimism, hope and faith that a better and brighter future awaits.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Pisces will make a positive aspect to Mars in Taurus. This aspect makes me giggle a little bit because even though these signs are by far and away the "laziest" signs, we should have a fair degree of physical energy- we'll have a little pep under our step and some motivation to take action, which is never a bad thing.

On Thursday, the moon moves into Capricorn into the pressure cooker with big hitters Saturn, the South Node & Pluto which all contribute to us being a little bit more down on ourselves or maybe little bit of self-sabotage rising to the surface (to be worked with and dealt with). This influence continues through to Friday- I think it's important to second guess what your mind tells you as fact during this very brief transit.

Friday, Venus at the last degree of Capricorn will be making a square aspect to Uranus at the last degree of Aries. This is definitely the final hoo-rah for Venus' tumultuous movement through Capricorn. This is where we get a massive personal freedom streak that is the light at the end of the tunnel. We discover that the relationship that could always use improving is the relationship with ourselves. Expect this realization to come in like a lightning bolt. Venus then immediately moves into Aquarius right after that - a freedom-oriented, unconventional placement for Venus to be in. This is where we're going to want to wave our freak flag as high as it can go - truly embracing the things that make us unique and different. This is a fun and uplifting energy that will feel really good after Venus' movement through Capricorn.

On Saturday, Venus in Aquarius will be reaching out to Chiron in Aries which gives me the impression that for some of us- through socializing or even just being where we are at the right time- will find healing and clarity around a part of us that feels "othered." Right now is an awesome time to be alive because for the most part, we can be as individual and as unique as we want to be without being ridiculed or made fun of. The generation that looked down their nose at our uniqueness is dying off or changing and so this is an opportunity to give thanks for the ability to be ourselves.

Sunday, the moon moves into Aquarius and with all of this Aquarius energy it wouldn't surprise me if some of us started picking up some impressions of what is to come for the future. Sunday is a great day to dream about what you want moving forward.

Thanks for reading!! <3 M

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