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Horoscope for the week of 2.18 - 2.24 || a vortex of change and healing

Greetings starseeds and earth angels alike! I hope you are all having an awesome Monday so far. Super excited to share with you about the planetary energies for the week ahead. There are SO many shifts this week!

Transformation is the name of the game- last week the Mars and Uranus conjunction really came to a head as a felt agitation and anger in the sign of Aries- maybe even a little bit of restless or anxious energy, which settled as Mars moved into Taurus on Valentine's Day. This is a significant shift, in my opinion because Taurus is a very bodily sign and Mars is a very physical planet as well. A lot of the changes we've been experiencing and will continue to experience will be felt integrating and percolating and shifting in our physical bodies- even if it means we have to take things a little bit slower and easier.

This week really takes the cake after weeks of very full and heightened energy. A lot of stuff has been really moving- any previously stuck energy came unstuck last week. My prediction is that by the end of this week, we will feel like completely new and improved beings.

Today (Monday) has a lot going on. A nine-year cycle is being initiated with Chiron shifting from Pisces (heavy emphasis on letting go, moving on) to Aries (starting things, rebirth). Chiron in Aries is helping to heal the collective from ways that we are neglecting ourselves, what we want and our health. The solution to everything when Chiron is in Aries is to go inside ourselves. A gradual relearning of who we are is to be expected in this slow-orbiting, gradually unfolding transit.

The Sun moves into Pisces offering an opportunity for healing and illumination. Pisces season is all about continuing to grieve the loss of what we have let go of, allowing the Spirit of the Divine to wash it all away. Taking baths, taking your time and moving slowly and easily during Pisces season will bode well for your ability to hit the ground running on new starts as the Sun moves into Aries.

Venus in Capricorn will join forces with Saturn- where our relationships come under a new level of discernment. Venus in Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled sign, with Saturn is a very cerebral way to approach relationships. Sometimes this aspect can dry up passions in favor of what is real. This aspect can lead to refined discovery of certain things about your friends and romantic partners that may cause you to need to use discrimination- asking those tough questions like "are these people in my life serving me?" Saturn is the planetary ruler of karma and I think one thing that is becoming evident to me in my experiences of relationships and dating is that karma doesn't take as long to move- you may realize that certain relationships are not a good fit sooner than later. And that's okay! If there's one thing I know about the general atmosphere and planetary energy lately, it's like all of these lessons and learnings are happening at once and it can feel brutal in present time, but once you get through it and see the light at the end of the tunnel, you can see why everything conspired exactly how it did.

Prior to the Sun moving into Pisces, it will really positively aspect Uranus in Aries, which is a light at the end of the tunnel in itself. The ability to gain information from higher realms of understanding is heightened- Monday is a great day to be present and take notes on what the Universe teaches.

On Tuesday, the full moon in Virgo heightens the opportunity for healing. This phase of the moon will bring a lot of emphasis to our physical bodies. As our bodies change and as the axial tilt of the planet leads to heightened ascension and understanding, we may not be able to eat the things we once could. The impact of our lifestyles will become evident to us on Tuesday. This full moon is going to be very enlightening and the healing properties on Tuesday are just magnificent - I highly recommend rituals such as practicing yoga, root-work & body scan meditations so that we can experience the divine intelligence and the unique messages that our own individual, physical bodies have for us.

Mercury in Pisces will forge a conjunction to Neptune, offering a healing sweep of communication to be expected with a tendency to romanticize whatever our circumstances are. The full moon in Virgo will be reminding us of the practical matters, but it's a day for us to float away into the creative imaginings that sometimes consume us- daydreaming and the likes.

Mercury will also reach out to Saturn in a positive way, Saturn in Capricorn reminding romantic and dreamy Pisces to drink water and keep up with time, which will only add to Tuesdays theme of the real versus the surreal versus the ideal. :)

Thursday, the moon moves into Libra, maybe making us a little bit more indecisive as the luminaries are in the two signs that struggle with decision-making. This may be a good phase to ruminate with compassion for self and others on the changes that have occurred in the past few weeks. This is also a great time to find and access community, to break bread with others and to establish connections.

Friday is 2.22- a very powerful number energizing the frequency of harmony, balance and emotional understanding. These concepts will take precedent over ambition and insatiable drive, the divine feminine will outnumber the divine masculine in terms of how the day feels. Mercury in Pisces will be squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing a buoyant and positive feeling for the day but making it extremely easy to lose track of everything. Venus in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto which may have us contemplating the pain of all sorts of relationship dynamics past- honestly this is a great day to confront your attachment wounding and find major healing there.

Saturday, the Venus-Pluto conjunction will still be exact, with Mercury in Pisces sextiling Pluto as well. AND the moon will move into Scorpio on Saturday. This weekend is going to be about a deep-soul dive, going all the way down to the basement level of our psyche and seeing what is there. The issues at play are places we have felt our creativity completely shut down, where we have felt blocked about standing in our power, where we have had averse relationships to authority- not to mention, next week, Venus will conjunct the South Node, continuing to excavate karmic relationships out of our lives.

This week is going to be awesome! Buckle up.



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