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Horoscope for the week of 2.4 - 2.10 || settling of dust and the new moon in Aquarius

Greetings loves,

I hope you all are enjoying the flames of transformation as they continually burn! This past week, with the Mars-Pluto square, really caused a lot of endings of external and internal situations that were not serving our highest good. It's no cosmic accident that these transformational losses or shifts are happening while Chiron is at the very last degree of Pisces and Uranus is at the last degree of Aries. The last degree of Pisces has the energy of needing to let go- needing to allow everything that the Mars-Pluto square agitated and brought up to wash away, gently and easily. Uranus at the last degree of Aries feels so impatient that it could burst open- this does indicate a very high degree of restless energy. Our internal snow globe was shaken up once more, similar to August of last year, and now we have to pause, ground and wait for the dust to settle.

The following are excerpts from one of my favorite astrology books of all time called "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale:

Last degree of Pisces:

"A large halo in ring formation around the moon. The Earth is pregnant with alternate futures. Each of her progeny, each possible future could become the one chosen. The criteria center around whichever future stream is most genuinely surrendered to the highest will. It is the same microcosmically as macrocosmically. Many souls are pregnant with alternate futures. The one that prevails will likely be the one most surrendered to the absolute, the most rightful. You feel burstingly full of visions, possibilities, worlds, and streams. And you know that so very much shall pass away, but what is essential will keep on coming. It is very hard to tell who is who and what is what, which way to lean or how to conceive the way it shall go. But if you stay rooted in your inward awareness and enduring core sensibility, you will be tapped as a vessel for what is to be, and that is all you need to know."

Last degree of Aries:

"An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys. Knowing about the things that others would rather pass on by. Absorbed within the excremental, the margins, the cracks. Preoccupied with matters of critical awareness and pragmatic considerations. You somewhat decadently repeat over and again patterns of viewing yourself and others as dysfunctional machines or poorly-put-together bits and pieces. Being so conversant with the little mind that you are a walking encyclopedia of trivia, having made it your business to specialize in determining what has gone wrong, what is the problem here. Ultimately and essentially, playing back variations on one's self-image as being offcourse and hopelessly wrong-headed. Given to exaggerated negative impressions. At times even condemning self and world to being unworthy and unredeemable."

The last degrees of Aries and the last degree of Pisces are at odds with each other. The degree interpretation of the 29th degree of Pisces is really touching on how much possibility is in the air right now, that the future is something that we can choose moving forward. With Uranus being at the last degree of Aries, all of our negative self-talk, negative programming and feelings of unworthiness are being shaken up so that they can come loose and fall away- painful in the meantime, but worth it in the long run.

On Monday, we have a new moon in Aquarius! Start by looking at what has happened since the full blood wolf moon/total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21st. There was a lot of stuff that was cleared from our lives in between that full moon and this new moon. This is a great time to continually release everything that is not in our highest good so that new, more productive seeds can be planted. This is the time to reconcile anywhere we do not feel understood or heard, where we do not feel comfortable expressing our individuality or the ability to move with awareness in social situations. This is a good day to pray for and send love and hope to the future of humanity- the Universe will hear these whispers and screams today. My favorite ritual is a burning ritual where I write things down that I want to release and burn it- I also recommend cord cutting or severing of ties on new moons as well. This is a day to consider the power our minds have over us- can we step out of our own way to receive next steps from the Divine or are we so hell bent on controlling the situation, imposing our ego on outcomes?

On Wednesday, the moon moves out of the new moon phase and begins to wax, allowing us to regain our energy and vitality, making it easier to take action which is exciting during this time. The moon will shift into Pisces for a short-term feeling of rose-colored glasses, romanticizing and pushing us toward spiritual and creative pursuits. Manifesting becomes heightened with the moon here as well, so with the new moon in Aquarius allowing a final shedding of the karmic Aquarian issues (first new moon in Aquarius since the South Node shifted out of this sign) - Wednesday holds good energy for creation.

On Thursday, the Sun in Aquarius will sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius while Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Mars in Aries. Thursday is going to be a highly beneficial day with a lot of felt momentum. The Sun in Aquarius is focused on connecting with people and the liberation of humanity and Jupiter in Sagittarius paves the spiritual foundation for this liberation- by creating hope and optimism, we are able to be positive about the direction of the planet moving forward. Personally, situations that would otherwise be difficult won't get to us as much. Mercury in Aquarius sextiling Mars in Aries will be felt as a need to act and a need to communicate your truth, as you define it.

Saturday, Mars in Aries will be squaring the North Node in Cancer. This does indicate that collectively, there are some levels of needing to sit still and needing to pause, to feel, that we're all avoiding with impulsivity and swift movement. Curb impatience, which won't be easy with the moon shifting into the sign of Aries, and be bold enough to stop and drop into and surrender to whatever emotion is there. Movement as avoidance will backfire on Saturday. Mercury in Aquarius sextiling Uranus in Aries does indicate communication from higher realms of understanding - notice which thoughts of yours don't abide by the usual pattern and that's how you know.

On Sunday, the moon will join Mars, causing some emotionality and agitation- maybe anger. It's a good day to use anger as a useful tool, burning away everything that doesn't serve and becoming empowered. Mercury moves into Pisces on Sunday as well- and Mercury doesn't really like to be in the sign of Pisces- Mercury loves clarity and objectivity and doesn't love the illusory, deceptive and foggy nature of the sign of Pisces. It's a good time over the next month to seek inner clarity before speaking - maybe taking a pause before saying the words that can't be unsaid, despite a lot of the other orbiting planets in fire and air signs and the tendency being to just let words fall out of our mouth at this time- you'll be glad you took that pause.

Next weekend I'm finishing up seminary school (hopefully) so I will be able to offer spiritual counseling! Super excited for this <3 for a personal reading (I have some openings on Wednesday for readings and energy work) click the "bookings" tab on my website or shoot me an e-mail.

Have a great week!

<3 M

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