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Horoscope for the week of 1.28 - 2.3 || divine answers & minding impatience

Grand rising earth angels and starseeds! I hope you all had an awesome full blood wolf moon-total lunar eclipse in Leo! It was an intense day had by all with a lot of releasing and clearing out of old ways of being- holding on to things that weren't in our highest good was a non-option. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction that followed as well as the transition of Mercury into Aquarius made us feel excited for what is next and ushered in some optimism & out-of-the-box thinking.

This week is a little bit calmer with the intensity reaching a peak on Friday.

Tuesday, Mercury in Aquarius is going to form a conjunction to the Sun in Aquarius for a day that is going to support extroversion, conversation and intellect. Our minds become busy as it is with Sun and Mercury dancing alongside each other and in Aquarius, the busy mind may lead us to following a new path that we hadn't thought of before! This may also lead us to thinking about the future and hopeful for whatever is on the horizon. Look to see where you have the sign of Aquarius in your chart to better understand what you'll be thinking about.

The moon will come into Sagittarius on Tuesday as well, making us optimistic and faithful. The moon will come over Jupiter and Venus on Wednesday and Thursday , which will make us feel luxurious, easy and expansive.

Also on Thursday, Saturn in Capricorn will be forging a beneficial sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect will allow us to see the many ways in our micro- and macrocosms that we can bridge practicality with creativity and spirituality. For some reason, with this aspect I see my partner working on his computer, problem-solving and hitting a wall on a particular computer problem he is working on. Then, he suddenly opens up his crown and allows the information that he needs to flow in through the top of his head from a source of divine intelligence (which he does when he is really stuck). This is where we are able to get answers to our practical concerns and places where we are stuck from Spirit.

On Friday, Mars in Aries will make a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to be an intense one- Pluto is the planet of transformation and transmutation and has made a name for himself being pretty intense. Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down all of the pieces and parts of us that give our power away as well as the government is going to be completely changing over the course of the next few years with this orbiting transit. Mars in Aries is impulsive and impatient- this aspect is asking that we THINK before we ACT, minding our motives and being really honest with ourselves. This is a good day to keep ourselves on a tight leash and to notice where we're coming from and to curb our tendency to act impulsively.

The moon will move into Capricorn, entering the pressure cooker, which may bring up difficult emotions that make us feel limited and challenged on Saturday. Every time the moon comes into Capricorn, something else comes up for us to acknowledge and begin to work on. This aspect will move off on Sunday as we prepare for the new moon in Aquarius on Monday.

On Saturday, Venus in Sagittarius will be positively aspecting Uranus in Aries. This is our freedom orientation in the fullest expression, which is good because it counters the duty and obligation that is felt when the moon is in the Capricorn pressure cooker. This is where we realize it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes and it's okay to march to the beat of our own drummer. The guilt of not doing what we are "supposed" to be doing will quickly subside as we take this day for us.

Sunday, Venus in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces which may bring up some difficult wounding and issues in our relationships- not just romantic, but also friendly and familial. This is also going to challenge our relationship to receiving. Venus is allll about receiving, taking up space and allowing those in your life to do nice things for you. Chiron in Pisces is subsumed by the collective suffering so we may allow that to overwhelm our ability to receive. By finding empathy for the individual struggles of those in our lives while simultaneously holding space and taking up space, we can "win" this aspect. Mercury in Aquarius will be making a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius which will bless us with perspective on our current relationship or worthiness dilemmas. The moon is in moving into Aquarius, out of the Capricorn pressure cooker and into the light of day. The moon will be new on Monday, a good day to release any existential dramas in favor of planting new positive and optimistic seeds.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all have an awesome week ahead.

<3 M

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