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Horoscope for the week of 1.21 - 1.27 || big love, big change, big shadow

Greetings earth angels and loved ones - I hope you all watched the eclipse last night. I saw a little bit and then I had to go to bed- looked like someone took a bite out of La Luna. It was so beautiful - in Charlotte, NC and it lasted from 10:30 pm until 12:30am. Total lunar eclipses happen on the inside of us- the "blood wolf" moon indicating that we are releasing and clearing out- a "sweat" from the karmic phase when the North Node was in Leo from May 2017 until November 2018. This closed a six-month cycle and an 18-month cycle- this is going to pave the way for some massive external change in our lives. The best word for today (Monday) and for the rest of the week for that matter is "surrender."

Also on Monday, Mars in Aries makes a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn- the side of us that wants to run off as quickly as we can toward whatever is "next" and the side of us that wants to wait and think logically. The portal of the eclipse is closing- but it's not closed yet. We don't want to act with too many balls in the air- we don't want to start a new book before we've finished the old one. Honor the dead space where something that once was has been released.

Tuesday ushers in very interesting energy with two really important aspects: the first being a Mercury-South Node conjunction in Capricorn- another release of old ways of thinking and communicating. We will be pushed toward emotional intelligence, while at the same time Venus in Sagittarius is making a conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius- a really loving and delicious, expansive and curious aspect. These are the two major benefics or beneficial influences and when they come together, big love is to be expected. This makes the fall-out from the eclipse a little bit softer and more gentle as well.

Wednesday, Mercury in Capricorn is going to make a square aspect to Uranus in Aries- where bombs may be dropped in communication. "Reality" can feel very loose on Wednesday and there may be a few surprises as it relates to work and travel, so pay attention and be mindful. This will frustrate the part of us that is very logical and organized as the moon travels into Virgo, making an inconjunction to Uranus (meaning our emotions are going to have to catch up) and an opposition to Chiron in Pisces which means we may be a little bit more sensitive. Mercury will be making a sextile aspect to Chiron in Pisces indicating that we'll be a little bit more sensitive for a reason so that we can open a door that promotes healing and congruence within the Self.

Thursday, Mercury will move into Aquarius after being in a Capricorn pressure-cooker with the South Node, Saturn and Pluto - with squares to Mars and Uranus- Mercury will be relieved to be in Aquarius because now that we have truly seen the flaws in our system, we can easily and effortlessly correct them. We'll come up with some really amazing solutions for problems and we won't feel so limited in our expression as well. Our communication becomes more light-hearted and free.

Friday, Mars in Aries reaches out to Jupiter in Sagittarius for a burst of energy that will help us get things done in our lives. There's a spiritual component to the increase in energy that we will feel. If I had to assign a phrase for this relatively short-term transit, I would say "massive action." The moon ushers into Libra which will mean we will be collaborative in our Mars-Jupiter efforts. We may seek balance on Friday which is positive and will contradict the action-oriented energy of the day. The moon in Libra will oppose Mars on Friday which may make us a little bit reactive. On Saturday, the moon will oppose Uranus, indicating potential restlessness and emotional surprises we may have to account for.

Sunday, the moon moves into Scorpio, bringing a waning square to the Sun. These days can be frustrating- there can be some existential or dark dilemmas that pop up in our consciousness- really our shadow selves showing up to remind us of the ways we could better heal and integrate, bringing love into the depths of our being.

Enjoy your horoscope loves- for a personal & private reading, please use the booking link on this site! <3 M

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