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Horoscope for the week of 1.14 - 1.20 || opportunity to release harmful ego

Grand rising everyone! I hope you all had a very illuminating weekend, perpetuated by the Jupiter-Neptune square from Sagittarius to Pisces- this is an ongoing aspect in 2019 that will allow us to remove the webbing of maya or illusion from our lives. This is a time where we are all asked to work on our trust in the process while old paradigms and ways of being are collapsing, personally and collectively- keep examining things in your life from different perspectives as the week progresses to make the most out of that planetary alignment.

On Monday, today, Mercury in Capricorn is going to be making a sextile aspect toward Neptune in Pisces- Mercury in Capricorn is skeptical and sometimes too pragmatic and Neptune in Pisces adds a touch of faith and hope. Our minds can be incredibly creative if we choose to activate this sextile aspect.

Tuesday, the moon moves into Taurus- the moon loves to be in the sign of Taurus because it allows us to stabilize and move in a way that is more methodical. We are more firmly rooted in our truth when the moon comes into Taurus and it's so important during a year where the foundation continues to shift around us.

Wednesday will be very interesting as the Sun in Capricorn will conjunct the South Node in Capricorn and oppose the North Node in Cancer. It's no wonder that the South Node is in Capricorn and part of the government is shut down! We are releasing patriarchal structures and systems collectively- we've had a realization that governments and institutions aren't really doing much for us- the veil has come down- and we're all ready to move toward a more emotionally intelligent and divinely feminine balance personally and professionally. The Sun comes into this equation for us to deal with matters of ego. There are healthy parts of having an ego- by it allowing us to meet our needs and get things done here in the physical realm. There are parts of our ego, however, that keep us paralyzed - arrogance and insecurity both have their roots in thinking about ourselves. This is what we are releasing on Wednesday.

The moon moves into Gemini on Thursday which will offer us all the opportunity to become busy and restless mentally and of course we always have a choice to engage with the pull of the planets. Our multitasking and learning curiosity will be sparked on Thursday as well.

Friday, Venus in Sagittarius stokes the fire of Mars in Aries which creates a day where deep and fiery intimacy is available to us as well as a freedom orientation and spontaneity as the planet of receptivity and the planet of action align in an effortless way.

Mercury will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn which centers around depth in communication- this could be on the light side highly transformative and healing and on the shadow side could be wounding and triggers coming through in communication so that you can take a look at whatever is brought up.

This breakthrough in communication could come as quite a surprise as the Sun in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries - not to mention that with the South Node here, we may run up against a wall where things we used to do to cope and to protect ourselves from imaginary harm simply do not work anymore. Friday is a complex but very healing day as the Sun in Capricorn reaches out in a positive way to Chiron in Pisces - if we want it to be, by spending time in quiet personal reflection.

Saturday, the Sun moves into Aquarius and the moon moves into Cancer. The ego becomes a little bit detached when the Sun moves into Aquarius and the focus becomes more on the world around us than with ourselves.Aquarius season is where we begin to notice how our personal actions affect our macrocosms. Suffering and social justice issues usually become louder as change is called for. The emotional and deep moon in Cancer will come over the North Node on Sunday, which is just a reminder that your emotions are a barometer for how in alignment you are.

Also on Sunday, you wanna be mindful of projection in your relationships as well as expectations that have not been appropriately communicated. Venus in Sagittarius or the desire to be free, to take up space and to expand will be squaring Neptune in Pisces or the desire and urge to merge with another. Be very clear and grounded and intentional in your relationships if you can help it.

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