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Horoscope for the week of 1.7 - 1.13 || past the veil and illusion

Hello starseeds and loved ones! I hope you all are having an awesome week ahead. Today is Sunday, 1.6 and Uranus is stationed direct! Especially following the new moon solar eclipse that took place on Saturday, this is a great day for understanding what you need to create new pathways and make changes in your life. Today feels very activating for me personally and those I've chatted with and I hope you enjoy this energy!

On Monday, Venus will move into the freedom-oriented sign of Sagittarius. Venus took a retrograde station in Scorpio (and Libra) from October 6th until November 16th, closing the door on an 8-year cycle of how we have been in relationships, trading that in for how we would like to be, really trying to put our best foot forward in our relationships with others. Some relationships that weren't serving our highest good of all kinds, had to end so that in the long run, we could end up more fulfilled, healthy and whole in our relationships.

Venus in Sagittarius takes on a whole new level of expansion in the freedom and non-judgmental nature of our relationships. This is the kind of relationship where you can forget to talk to someone for a few months and you come back and it feels like you never stopped talking. Any pressure put on us by our loved ones and vice versa isn't going to hold steady during this transit as it's easy for us to feel caged in. If you squeeze a little bird in the palm of your hand, it can't fly away.

The Moon ushers into the sign of Aquarius and cues a deep sigh of relief as the solar eclipse & new moon in Capricorn happened on top of constrictive and limiting Saturn and deeply feeling and releasing Pluto- the moon in Aquarius offers us some kind of relief and levity after what has felt like a very serious past few days of self-inquiry.

Thursday, the moon moves into Pisces which is where we can embrace our escapist tendencies, creative and spiritual yearnings on a soul level as well as our rose-colored glasses. We rarely see anything as it is when the moon is in Pisces. We're also very sensitive to the subtleties of others and it all can blend together like some sort of primordial soup. It's good to examine your energy during the moon in Pisces transit and burdens that you are holding for others unnecessarily. It can be easy to become ungrounded during this very brief lunar transit, so make sure to visualize roots coming out of the bottom of your feet straight into the fiery core of the earth.

On Friday, the Sun is going to form a conjunction to Pluto in the power-wielding sign of Capricorn. It will be hard to avoid those things that we all try not to look at (especially when the moon is in Pisces). It's a good idea to face whatever we're missing head-on Friday as this can leave a trail of deep healing to any parts of us that have ever given our power away or have had our material security threatened in any way, shape or form.

Saturday, the moon shifts into the sign of Aries- the collective emotions shift from a dreamy, Neptunian, watery place to a spontaneous and exciting place. Sunday, the moon will conjunct Uranus which is newly direct in Aries as it prepares to shift into Taurus which is where we may feel a little bit more restless and excitable- the electricity of Uranus will be felt on a very emotional level.

Sunday also marks the first square of the year from Jupiter in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces- there will be a few more as the year progresses. The journey of this year through this transit is all about piercing through the veil of illusion. Jupiter in Sagittarius is really strong, it's in its home sign (as well as countless other planetary energies this year). It boldly marches forward optimistically, trusting that everything is working out. Neptune in Pisces is also in its own sign- compounding the dreamy and illusory qualities of Pisces. Sometimes, in order to learn whatever lesson, situations that can be difficult are ushered in so we understand the importance of the lesson we were trying to learn. The same will be the case here - things may come in that are not what they seem- that are too good to be true this year and we may run into the classic issue of intuition and higher guidance VS. our fears and our programming. It can be easy to confuse the two during this time - I'll be writing more about this transit as it continues to evolve and show back up.

Our ability to express ourselves on Sunday becomes a bit more limited as Mercury in Capricorn will form a conjunction to Saturn which will provide our minds with a rather serious and discerning quality. This is where we'll grow to understand what our life needs and doesn't need - what is serving us and what is not. It's a good day to make some cuts to some unnecessary work efforts and cut ties to people who simply take.

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