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Horoscope for the week of 12.24 - 12.30 || happy holidays!!

Greetings everyone! I hope that everyone has an awesome holiday season. I've been on vacation so I haven't been reporting energy of the week but on my instagram & facebook pages - you can find me @meredithsluckystars on IG and Meredith's Lucky Stars Astrology on Facebook that way you can get your daily or weekly updates straight to your phone!

This past week has been insane - the winter solstice on Friday, then the full moon in Cancer Saturday opposing Saturn and Pluto causing a lot of stuff to come up and a lot of things to go sideways- really just propelling us to find the darkness and illuminate it and integrate it. We're still in the middle of this sorta three-ring circus energy with squares from Pisces planets to Sagittarius planets - this really brings up a lot of unknown, mystical phenomena that it can be challenging to adjust to in this 3D reality we live in. 

Monday, Mercury in Sagittarius makes a square aspects to Neptune in Pisces so the necessity here is to be very clear in communication because miscommunications may abound. We're looking out on the horizon with Mercury in Sagittarius but our perceptions may be clear - we may miss a couples things or be awash with other people's stuff, especially if you have empathic tendencies like me and many of my clients. The moon will be in Leo, so creative and heart-centered energy is very heightened. 

Tuesday is Christmas (if you celebrate)- the Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius square will still be very active so just be mindful of your communication especially with family members. 

On Thursday, Mars in Pisces will make a positive aspect to the North Node in Cancer, indicating healing that comes from right action. The last few degrees of Pisces can be a painful, edgy place where all of the collective pain blends in with our personal pain and it's all of our job to acknowledge what is whose, thank it and let it go or integrate it depending on what its purpose is. Better to do some parsing apart of the pain of yourself versus others now than later as Mars and Chiron, the wounded healer, will conjunct on the last degree of Pisces on Friday. The moon will be in Virgo which creates an ability to do all of this from the seat of the observer. 

Friday, Venus in Scorpio makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn which may cast light on some dark parts of ourselves as it relates to the people we are in relationship with. Everyone has issues in relationships, everyone has darkness and things that we bury- with Mars in Pisces conjuncting Chiron in Pisces, we will have no choice but to acknowledge and accept those parts of ourselves and others. A fool will blame the people around them while a truly enlightened spiritual being will take responsibility for the part that is theirs. Clean up your side of the street on Friday!

We come into the weekend with the moon in Libra - making it a great weekend for socializing and harmonizing with whatever is in your environment. The Mars-Chiron conjunction will still be felt over the weekend, until Monday 12.31, so this may be a great opportunity to find harmony and understanding. 

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