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Horoscope for the week of 12.3 - 12.9 || new moon in Sagittarius // mercury & chiron direct <

Greetings loved ones! This past week was incredibly formative and trying for a lot of people, ending with this beautiful grand water trine with the North Node in Cancer, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Chiron retrograde in Pisces. and beginning the series of Sagittarius-Pisces squares that will happen throughout the month of December. The first is opening up the door to major opportunities for healing and self-discovery, the second has opened up the door to potential passive-aggressive ego battles and overextending ourselves - this opens up a fork in the road where one may have experienced both but decided to take the higher road with emotional availability for understanding or the other road complete with energetic weirdness. This week is a big week- it's not too late to shift your perspective!

Tuesday, the moon comes into Scorpio for her dark moon phase. The dark phase of the moon brings the shadow aspect of whatever sign its in to light before the moon becomes new (in Sagittarius, exact on Friday). The shadow aspect of Scorpio is highly volatile, cunning and manipulative. Be mindful of these traits within yourself and if you find yourself going there, ask yourself why and reconcile this- the dark moon and new moon phases are about going inward, discovering and integrating while taking rest and not putting too much pressure on yourself.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune in Pisces. Everything may feel like a dream on this day- very intangible. It's important to understand that when Neptune is involved, reality isn't really what it seems to be so it's important to not jump to conclusions, although with the dark moon in Scorpio, that may be our very first impulse.

On Thursday, Mercury stations direct in Scorpio! Hip hip- hooray! We've been really dealing with Scorpio shadowy issues for quite a while- ever since 2012, in fact. Saturn moved through Scorpio really drawing up issues of mistrust and our essential wounding, then Jupiter transited through Scorpio until just recently really expanding those issues and bringing light to them once more. Now, Mercury is going to finish up in Scorpio (until the 12th) as well as Venus (finishes up on January 7th) so there's this final dredging up of things we've been attempting to avoid looking at. Mercury direct here will bring our clear communication back online as well as an ability to interact with technology in a more positive way (some of us hope, at least).

The moon also comes into Sagittarius on Thursday, preparing for the new moon on Friday. This new moon is about evaluating our belief systems- all of them, even the ones below our conscious awareness. As this new moon squares Mars which is making a conjunction to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, this is going to be about the beliefs that are deeply beneath the surface that thwart our progress and keep us from choosing who we want to be, causing us to act from a place of who we've been. This is a great day to look at your vision for the future and muse on travel plans and connect to whatever Higher Power you ascribe to- the existence of God, Universe, Spirit, Source, the Divine, our Higher Selves, will be very much present on this day. With Mars conjuncting Neptune in Pisces- mind your motives and make sure you're acting from a clear place.

On Saturday, the moon will move into Capricorn and as Mars moves slightly off Neptune, our reality will become slightly more tangible and the importance of our material, grounded environment increasingly more important. This is where we'll feel compelled to find security and stability even as we all actively feel the foundation shifting beneath our feet.

Sunday, Chiron stations direct! This opens up the door for healing on all levels. Chiron in Pisces has to do with the suffering and pain of the collective as well as the issues going wrong in our lives that we're not super sure of- that piece that is out of place that we can't exactly put our finger on. This piece will become more visible so we can shift, change and heal around it. Our natal chart Chiron has to do with what wounds us- the moving or orbiting Chiron is actually a very healing influence.

Enjoy your week loves! For a personal reading, e-mail me at <3

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