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Horoscope for the week of 11.19 - 11.25 || sagittarius season, gemini full moon, neptune direct

Greetings starseeds and loved ones! Last week was full of really interesting changes- Mars moved into Pisces on Thursday, November 15th, causing us to move into a more roundabout, watery way of doing things. Then on Friday, November 16th, Mercury moved into a retrograde station in Sagittarius while Venus stationed direct in Libra. These are complimentary signs- they both want to keep things light and fun, not moving to deeply beneath the surface. They’re both headed soon into Scorpio, sign of the deep-soul diver- this light influence may not last for too long! We’ll really recognize the polarity between light and dark as the Sun moves into Sagittarius later this week.

Monday, today, Mars in Pisces moves into a square aspect with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a majorly escapist, wanderlust-ing square that may make it challenging to stay in the present moment. It's a practice of drawing yourself back and drawing yourself back while being gentle with yourself.

Tuesday, the Sun in Scorpio is making a really positive aspect to the North Node in Cancer- shining its big, beautiful light in a way that promotes healing on an emotional level and, if we're paying attention, can show us certain tools and skills so that we'll know how to manage our emotions moving forward by being open about them and feeling them with support around us.

Wednesday, the moon moves into Taurus which allows for a grounding and settling day (before Sagittarius season starts and the full moon in Gemini commences on Friday). This is a really good day to plan out what you're going to eat for the rest of the week, draw into your senses- to reflect on what Scorpio season has brought your way. For some, it's stirred up chaos and for some, it has proven we can handle anything that is sent our way- the Universe never sends us too much.

Thursday begins Sagittarius season! This uplifting wind comes in just in time for the holidays- I don't really believe in the story behind thanksgiving and that we don't really honor our Native American brothers and sisters in the way that we should- we suppress them and hide them away and tell a sugar-coated version of American history. This is still a day to be grateful for everything that we have- the people in our lives that hold us up, our blessings and our lessons both.

Sagittarius season is all about becoming closer with God- it's a good time to examine which beliefs are not in alignment with that and deconstruct them and find new belief systems that are more beneficial and more in alignment to walk through life with. With so much energy in Sagittarius- Mercury (moving in a retrograde station) and Jupiter in Sagittarius- people with Sagittarius placements are going to be having a great time this year and this Sun in Sagittarius transit is like the big kickoff. This is a great time to expect the unexpected and to speak whatever you want into existence for it to become law.

Friday ushers in the full moon in Gemini! I love the Gemini-Sagittarius axis because it makes me feel like anything is possible. On one hand, it helps me to see the good in everything and everyone- these are inherently positive signs by nature. On the other hand, it can feel circus-level crazy- acting on whims and a very high energy level - a frequency that can break glass. Usually, in the days preceding the full moon, the energy level increases and increases and builds, making it challenging for people to sleep. Full moons increase anxiety and stress and sometimes the craziest things happen out of nowhere - not necessarily good or bad, just outlandish.

As far as rituals and intentional practices are concerned, this axis (the opposing signs of Gemini and Sagittarius) is all about thoughts and beliefs, skepticism and faith, what is known and what is felt- so this is a really good time to look at those repetitive thoughts we all have. A good example of this is imposter syndrome in the workplace. Even though I've been interpreting charts for about 6 years, 2 years professionally and regularly get positive feedback, I still have a pervasive, reoccurring thought that I shouldn't be doing this. It's silly because what I know and what I believe is that I very much should be doing this, but it's the voice of my inner low-self-esteem teenager that I'm going to work with on this Gemini full-moon. It's a good idea to scale back to the age where these initial thought-forms first occurred and work with that version of ourselves. Set up an altar dedicated to that age and sit with them for a while- eventually, after enough times, they will come join you and leave their post out of present time-space and you will feel a more whole and complete person.

Saturday, Neptune stations direct in Pisces! Our rose-colored glasses that allow us to really distort the way that we see the world will come back online! A lot of the people I work with on a monthly basis have experienced an influx in their psychic and intuitive gifts, myself included, during this Neptune retrograde station that began mid-June. These will be easier to access and easier to choose when you want to engage with them as we move forward. Escapism becomes easier and hiding from ourselves become easier- unless there is some kind of system to hold ourselves accountable. For folks like me with Virgo placements, it can be very challenging to understand what is really happening versus what we're projecting on the world.

Sunday, the moon moves into Cancer- this is an amazing day to spend more inward, dealing with emotions as they surface, or around blood or chosen family. It's a great day to gather everyone for a meal or to have tea with close friends. It's a day where we may not want to leave the house too too much as we rest from the full moon.

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