Mars in Pisces || Nov. 15th 2018 - Jan. 1st 2019

Greetings loved ones! Taking a moment to come on here and share about Mars moving into Pisces on Thursday, November 15th. We've had a lot of planets changing signs, creating a whole new energy in our world as if each time a planet change signs and we're able to move from one room in the proverbial house to another through a metaphysical doorway. I'm grateful for the opportunity to educate my peers and friends on the old rooms, doorways and new rooms : )

Where we're coming from: Mars in Aquarius -

Mars moved into Aquarius on May 16th of this year. A lot of times, Mars moves around every few months, stationed direct the whole time and then every two years and some change, Mars will move into a retrograde station. Since Mars has to do with action, movement, motivation, will and drive, a retrograde station puts a kink in the chain of our American movement-oriented society. Motivation wanes, we become more tired and agitated and the ability to exert the way we normally exert becomes diminished.