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Mars in Pisces || Nov. 15th 2018 - Jan. 1st 2019

Greetings loved ones! Taking a moment to come on here and share about Mars moving into Pisces on Thursday, November 15th. We've had a lot of planets changing signs, creating a whole new energy in our world as if each time a planet change signs and we're able to move from one room in the proverbial house to another through a metaphysical doorway. I'm grateful for the opportunity to educate my peers and friends on the old rooms, doorways and new rooms : )

Where we're coming from: Mars in Aquarius -

Mars moved into Aquarius on May 16th of this year. A lot of times, Mars moves around every few months, stationed direct the whole time and then every two years and some change, Mars will move into a retrograde station. Since Mars has to do with action, movement, motivation, will and drive, a retrograde station puts a kink in the chain of our American movement-oriented society. Motivation wanes, we become more tired and agitated and the ability to exert the way we normally exert becomes diminished.

Mars in Aquarius is all about finding unique ways of doing things- seeing things from a new perspective. When it stationed retrograde on June 26th of this year, it was almost as if we were catapulted from our regular way of doing things- catapulted into change. Not to mention that during this time, it made several conjunctions (was stacked on top of) the South Node making its way through Aquarius backwards (its natural motion). We were having to really let go of a lot of different things- old belief systems, an overly logical way of dealing with the world, a tendency to get pulled outside ourselves before taking care of ourselves and our ability to compartmentalize the world. Not to mention with any conjunction from the South Node to Mars, we were all having to let go of toxic masculinity and imbalanced anger projections and expressions.

On May 16th, Mars in Aquarius stationed retrograde on June 26th and then moved back into Capricorn on August 13th and then stationed direct into Capricorn on August 26th. That makes three conjunctions to the South Node in Aquarius - one on June 8th, one on July 21st and then again on September 26th. These are critical times where we purged a lot of our maladaptive coping mechanisms ranging from angry and irritated outbursts to compartmentalizing and rationalizing. Some of us had to let go of people who aren't good influences or weren't in alignment with what our heart wanted. Not to mention, there was a fixed grand cross occurring with Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars conjuncting the South Node in Aquarius, the Sun and the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Taurus - fixed grand crosses teach us to let go of control and surrender to the process by presenting us with situations that we have no choice but to adapt to. The fixed signs were definitely on the chopping block at this time, facing major tests from the Universe to embrace change rather than resist.

During Mars' retrograde station in Capricorn, we were focused and vehemently trying to get stuff done but we may have been facing uphill battles with action-oriented or accomplishment, all stuff to do with the archetype of Mars. Mars in a retrograde station can be super complicated because in this society, our worth is measured by how much we do. There is no space for simply being and operating from a place of receptivity which is what we *should* do when Mars moves in a retrograde station.

The Mars movement through Aquarius wasn't entirely negative- we were forced in some ways to find different ways to go about doing things and living, causing us to break through our own personal molds. Sexual blocks may have come up that we were given the choice to push through for our highest good. These are some of the many positive things to come out of this transit of Mars in Aquarius.

Enough about Mars in Aquarius! Ultimately, this blog post is about Mars in Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions- the creative and intuitive genius who drinks a little too much to escape the harshness of this world. Mars will be in Pisces from November 15th, 2018 until January 1st of 2019 when Mars will then move into its home sign of Aries.

Creativity becomes the outlet of choice for our anger. During this time, we're less likely to express our feelings and what comes up for us directly and we're more likely to express our emotions in a roundabout way. This could go either way- we could find compassion for the people we are in conflict with and decide that fighting isn't worth it or we could express our feelings about a certain person to everyone else but that person. We're not likely to see certain conflicts very clearly, skewing reality to our version of reality.

People will be moving a little bit slower during this time which goes back to your own tendencies. If you're a fast-mover like me, this can pose to frustrate you even though there is nothing wrong with moving at a slower pace- I even find it admirable. You may need to employ a little bit more Piscean patience and radical compassion for any and every pace at which people choose to move. If you move a little slower naturally, you may opt to quicken your step a bit- or not, the choice is yours.

Sex is something that will become transcendent during this time. Energetic exchanges become heightened, making it easier for us to take on all sorts of different stuff that isn't ours during sex. Discernment with who you sleep with and what state you are in when you sleep with them becomes increasingly important and the veil becomes thinner during sex- even thinner than it already is most of the time. If you're in a safe sexual relationship where everyone is responsible for their energy, expect majorly transcendent experiences in the sexual realm during this time.

Astrologer tricks:

Whatever Mars touches, it irritates and excites. You can look at the house that Mars is moving through in your natal chart and put more conscious, deliberate and mindful focus there. Also notice any planets that Mars will brush past and understand that whatever that planet archetypally represents will be heightened and significantly more passionate.

A good example of this is that Mars is going to be moving through my third house and my moon in Pisces. This means that communications will become more intense- more communication in and out and I may be a little bit more restless- this may make me a bit agitated in my words with others. Because my moon is there, I Know that especially when Mars gets closer to my natal moon sign, emotions may run super high so I know before it gets there to do extra self-care and calming exercises before the day even begins. This is a really good way to get out in front of certain transits. <3

For a personal reading about how Mars will affect you personally during its movement through the watery sign of Pisces, e-mail me at or go through the booking tab of my website.

Lots of love- enjoy this precious time. <3


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