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Horoscopes for the week of 11.12 - 11.18 || while venus moves direct, mercury moves retrograde

Greetings starseeds and loved ones! I hope you all are having a great week so far - lots of planetary changes and shifts abound! With the North Node shifting from Leo into Cancer, we get even more into the heart-space which will put us more in touch with our emotions and instincts. We begin to focus on family and chosen family, where we've come from and what we've come through and how that sways where we are going. Uranus moved back into Aries causing our revolutionized sense of Self to change up even more than it already has in the previous 7-year cycle. Jupiter moved into Sagittarius which will allow for wanderlust, optimism and curiosity to be expanded within all of us individually and collectively.

Monday, the North Node in Cancer will make a positive aspect to Chiron in Pisces which will open up a doorway for ancestral healing and collective healing. This is a profound aspect that will come easily to all of us- that's the thing about trines- they're effortless.

Tuesday, the moon moves into Aquarius which will give us a birds-eye-view to see the stuff that we're moving through from. This will also add some humor and optimism to whatever we're confronting emotionally.

Thursday, Mars in Aquarius moves into a positive aspect to Uranus stationed retrograde in Aries which is going to give us a glimpse into unconventional ways that we can solve problems and act in the moment. It's a great day to follow those divine impulses and will allow for guided action. This is only happening in the earlier part of the day as Mars will ingress (or move into) Pisces! Mars has been moving through Aquarius since May so it'll be nice to get a break from that energy, especially because the South Node has run its course in Aquarius. Every day we get further away from the transits of the summer, the more we can see how the shake-ups and losses have affected us now.

Mars in Pisces is slow and leisurely, which is a really good opportunity for those type-A folks to slow down and take a look at the beauty and wonder of everything. If you're naturally lethargic, this could compound your natural tendencies. Creativity comes alive when Mars is in Pisces.

On Friday, the moon will move into Pisces and briefly come on top of Mars in Pisces which may serve to agitate us in ways we can't express- when you're feeling something in particular, ask if it's yours. If not, send it into the ground! We may become more sensitive to collective anger as well. Creative outlets are great for moments like this! Remember, it's only going to be a moment!

The Universe has quite a sense of humor as Venus will station direct almost around the same time that Mercury moves into a retrograde station in Sagittarius. We were almost to a place when all of the personal planets were direct! Mercury is definitely an independent thinker. Venus loves to be in the sign of Libra- it's at home there. We've learned through this transit not to take any of our important relationships for granted and the relationships that weren't important have fallen by the wayside during this time. It's a good time to assimilate the lessons you've learned and move toward happiness and refinement with your loved ones.

Mercury moves in a retrograde station in Sagittarius, a sign that Mercury doesn't favor. Mercury in Sagittarius, while jovial and optimistic, can tend to glaze over the details in favor of the bigger picture- Mercury IS the details, the small pieces and parts that keep life moving. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can at times look like excluding big key pieces of information and forgetting about things easily. Mercury in a retrograde station in general is a great time to review and to look at your effectiveness in communications and each sign has a different expression when Mercury is retrograde there. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we may have to just accept that we don't have all of the information so there may be some acting on faith that has to come into play. As a Mercury in Virgo, this terrifies me, but it will force me and other naturally Mercurial types to strengthen and rely on our sense of trust.

Sunday, the moon will move into Aries giving us lots of energy and motivation to make sh*t happen in our lives. Our emotions (Aries) will be excited to get stuff done but we may notice ourselves going about it slowly or having short bursts of motivation while it tapers off with Mars in Pisces. Be mindful of emotional reactivity and passive aggression on Sunday!

I hope you all have an awesome week! For a personal reading, e-mail <3

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